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Rage Triggers with Northmaän

A one-man band from Wales, Northmaän (aka veteran musician Jayce Lewis) has unleashed six tracks of harsh, heavy, and utterly compelling Metal. A mix of Melodic and Industrial Metal, intense drumming, dark subject matter, and beautifully recorded, this will turn more than a few heads. We had the chance to ask him a few questions.



Congratulations on the new album. How has the reception been thus far? I have enjoyed it tremendously and my neighbors, shall we say, are “acquainted” with it as well. For those who are not my neighbors, what can they expect?

Northmaän- Hello and thank you for talking with me. The album, for its first release, has given me very inspiring feedback. I am happy with the reception it has had so far. Yeah, I’m glad you like it and hopefully the neighbors too! As for the album, it has a little of everything in it really. Hard aggression with slow dark melodic interludes and fast-paced groove for the dancers out there.

I understand this album resulted, in part, from (paraphrasing here) “your industry becoming a commercial embarrassment.” Can you elaborate on this? And since you are, but one person, what can music fans do to help?

Northmaän- Yes indeed. Rock and metal for the most part have become stale. Bands releasing for the sake of releasing with no feel or direction can lead to disappointment. Maybe bands are getting pressure from the puppet masters? I’m not sure. On the other hand, we have acts like Gojira, Jinger, Behemoth, Katatonia who are releasing amazing stuff. Hopefully, this inspires the rest of the Metal world to ‘shake it up a little and become the strength they once were. All fans can do in the meantime, as they always do is be loyal. Metal fans are the most amazing fans with their energy and passion, commitment and support they show. Long may it continue. This is all in my opinion of course.

I hear you would like to go on tour when this Covid madness is over. Since you are a one-man band, with six songs, what can we expect during a concert?

Northmaän- Northmaän is primed and ready to go. I am really looking forward to taking this show on the road. It has been a long time coming and will be worth it. If anything, this Covid shit has given me time to get ready with rehearsals, gear, and planning. All we need now is borders to open and the industry to kick back into life again.

There is a lot of aggression in your music. My personal favorite track is “Rage Trigger.” What is your personal rage trigger and what do you do to address it? Note, I said address, not suppress.

Northmaän- I’m glad you picked up on Rage Trigger. It has a lot of meaning and most of us are in the same boat these days. Trying to address and suppress can be difficult.

I think it can make you a very strong individual by taking a moment and realizing what others do or say has no impact on you or the choices you make in life. We are all individuals and control our own destiny. We should not be bullied into making choices we don’t want. Choose your own path, not someone else’s. The rage can also get going when my pen runs out of ink halfway through a sentence, ha!

If for some bizarre reason you could not be a musician, what line of work do you think you would fall back on?

Northmaän-Working the land would be my job. I enjoy my own company so being out in the middle of nowhere would satisfy me. It is the big reset button everyone should experience once and a while.

As a musician, what has been your proudest moment so far? How about from a non-music standpoint?

Northmaän- Getting my music ‘out there’ from bedroom to album release is pleasing. Positive feedback and support from fans make it all worthwhile. As for outside music, still being alive has to be a proud moment, right?

We thank you for your time and wish you all the best. Any parting words for our readers?

Northmaän- Thanks again for speaking with me and for the support you show. Thank you all standing behind Northmaän! Together, we build strength in these times!

Stay safe, stay strong and never give in! -+>:N

Craig Obert | Metal Digest

 Northmaän is Jayce Lewis

:  All instruments.

Northmaan_official (@Northmaan1) / Twitter

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