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No Possession was born out of No Possession Blues in 2018 who started out as a blues/rock band and recorded two albums (No Possession blues, Patchwork).  They won the “Scandinavian Blues contest” 2011 and played a lot of gig around Scandinavia and Europe.

But after a couple of line-up changes they decided to deviate from the blues genre and shorten the name to No Possession.  Micko Ylinikka started to work on some new material and came up with 12 new great songs and the band found their path. The band started to work on the new material like they were training for a championship fight.

Producing the songs together in the studio made the band a tight knit unit with a unique rock ‘n roll sound.  You will hear echoes from the past (Stones, Faces, Deep Purple, Black crowes, Aerosmith) and sounds from today (John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Rival sons). No Possession captures the sweet old rock ‘n’ roll vinyl sound with a lot of help from C.J Grimmark who mastered the album.

Ladies and gentlemen “Third time’s a charm”.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

I was trying to categorize No Possession, but apparently no existing labels are a good match. Who needs labels anyway? Please, describe the band in a sentence or two, without mentioning any specific genres. 

We play from the heart as honest as we can.

What did you want to be growing up and how close to that did you get?

I wanted to be a musician and I’ve been playing live since I was 11 years old. So I’d say I’ve come pretty close.

Line-up changes are quite stressful for a lot of bands, but in most cases, it’s a blessing in disguise. Any tips on how to survive those transitional times?

It’s very hard to say but accept the fact and stick to it and move on.

Are there any particularly happy, funny, sad or instructive lessons you’ve learned so far in your career in music?

When everything is going great, usually something is bound to crash, that’s my experience anyway. But right now it’s going great.

If you could go back in time and do one thing differently, what would you change?

My motto is, don’t regret what you’ve done, only the this you haven’t done.

Let’s talk about ‘Third Time’s A Charm’. You worked really hard on this album and you created a unique sound. Does it feel like you’ve ‘Found Your Way Home’?

Yes indeed. We still like to play blues but I’m too restless to stay within one genre. So we recorded the song without thinking too much about it.

C.J Grimmark mastered the album. How did you articulate what you wanted from him? How was the experience overall?

 C.J knows what he’s doing so we had a chat about it and he got it right, he’s a pro so I didn’t worry about it. Thanks C.J

Are you going on a tour to promote the new album? What shall we expect from No Possession in the near future?

 We would love to go out and play live again in a not-too-distant future, we’re a live band and we love hitting the stage hard. But in the meantime, we’re rehearsing and I’ve written 16 new songs so we’ll start to record them as soon as possible. Hopefully, we’ll have a new album ready next year.

Lights out’! How do you unwind after a long day at work?

Usually I turn everything off and have a cold beer, that’s the best way to relax, for me anyway.


Micko Ylinikka: lead and backgound vocals, guitars
David Ylinikka: Guitars and vocals
Mattias Vestlund: Bass and vocals
Thomas Andersson: Drums and background vocals


Thank you for the wonderful interview.

Until we meet again,

Chelf | Metal Digest

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