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Flying Cupid – ‘All Turns to Dust’

Abstract Reality
Periphery, Intervals, Killswitch Engage
Release Date
June 11, 2021
Abstract Reality
Progressive Metalcore

I always love it when expectations are shattered…and damned if it did not happen again today.  Seriously, what could a 19-year-old kid from Deli, India know about creating an amazing multi-faceted Prog/Metalcore album? Well, turns out that Abhiruk Patowary knows just a bit about that subject. And by “just a bit,” I mean this album will blow the doors off whatever you are driving at the moment.

Patowary, a multi-instrumentalist, enlisted the talents of several other respected musicians to create this incredible musical experience. Ranging from Djent to sing/scream vocals to shimmering guitar to jazzy ghost notes to the profoundly abrasive, Flying Cupid covers ALL the ground. ‘All Turns To Dust’ is a perfect balance of rage and the silky smooth.

Standout moments include:

 “Conspiracy of Madness,” an all-out Metalcore assault with some wonderfully out-of-place saxophone(?!)  

“Purges Our Lament” is a soaring ballad, complete with more sax, but with just enough Metal edge. Vocally, this is probably my preferred track; your favorite crooner could take a lesson here.

“Paralyse” is the sound of Steven Wilson should he decide to play Metalcore. Pure bombastic beauty.

Truthfully, the only downside is that is not anything especially new here, but with so many moving parts seamlessly melded together, who cares? At age 19, Patowary (with notable assistance) is assuredly on the path to great success.

What has two thumbs and cannot wait to see what is next? This guy!

an all-out Metalcore assault

Come on in!

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