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Paradise Lost – ‘At The Mill’

Nuclear Blast Records
My Dying Bride, Vallenfyre, A Pale Horse Named Death, Tiamat, Katatonia
Release Date
July 16, 2021
Nuclear Blast Records
Death Doom/Doom Metal

Global lockdowns have been grim, not only has the world seen the bodies piling high, countries have had to watch their leaders struggle to deal with such a global humanitarian issue. So the question is this, has there ever been a better time for doom metal? The answer? Has there fuck and there is nothing more heart-warming than the knowledge that Paradise Lost are to release ‘At the Mill’, a live album recorded from a livestream during lockdown.

                Yes, there are downsides to a livestream; the absence of an audience makes the listener frequently forget that they are listening to something live as the band, especially when the band are as dyed in the wool and professional as Paradise Lost. Furthermore, it is also strange not to hear vocalist Nick Holmes deliver his usual onstage wit between songs. This does mean that ‘At the Mill’ makes the listener feel as if they are privy to a private rehearsal session, one where the band are unaware of the listeners presence. However, that aside, ‘At the Mill’ is Paradise Lost firing on all cylinders, it is the sound of a band still very much in the forefront of their genre and unlike a standard live show where sometimes a band feel they have to play certain songs, ‘At the Mill’ allows Paradise Lost to spread their wings and indulge themselves in tracks that they normally wouldn’t get a chance to play such as ‘Widow’, ‘The Enemy’ and ‘So Much is Lost’. Yet, the accolades here go to the more recent tracks including, ‘No Hope in Sight’, ‘Fall From Grace’ and ‘Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us’ show a band not afraid to go all out with tracks that have in essence become modern heavy metal classics.

                Ultimately, ‘At the Mill’ is what it is, it is a livestream album that is professionally delivered in lieu of the band being able to tour in the last year. It will have little appeal beyond hardcore fans of Paradise Lost, but the band know this and that is exactly who they are aiming at.

the sound of a band still very much in the forefront of their genre

Come on in!

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