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A self-described “deathgaze” group, Kardashev.

A self-described “deathgaze” group, Kardashev is for fans of The Contortionist, Rivers of Nihil, Devin Townsend, Alcest – among others. Their mission statement could be described as: “Attempting to create the most beautiful, heavy music through themes of love, loss and altruism in the metal spectrum.” Much of the band’s lyrical content – found on their numerous EPs, singles, plus debut album (2015’s Peripety) – is written about science, space and the human condition.

Their latest EP, The Baring of Shadows (2020), is now being re-issued via Metal Blade Records with instrumental versions of all songs included!

Metal Digest had a chat with the band about the re-issue, altruism and their upcoming plans.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

Congratulations on the re-issue of ‘The Baring of Shadows’.

Thank you so much!

Are you surprised by how far this album has traveled?

Of course! I wholeheartedly believe in the music we make, but I am still always surprised and humbled by the love a song/album receives. It’s exciting to give life to a piece of music and to watch it grow and travel all over the world.

It’s been a year, but it feels like ages ago. How do you feel you have changed since the first release of the album?

Through the hardships of the past year, a few big member changes, and all of our personal lives experiencing so much turbulence, I would say we’ve changed a lot. Our influences shift as we meet new people, as we age and experience life; new faces and new emotions bring new sounds, and the experiences we pick up along the way shape what we want to say. We have an entirely new pool of inspiration to pull from and I think it will show through our new music.

Love, loss and altruism in the metal spectrum, you said. How do you combine the three?

Like a lot of metal bands, Kardashev started out with a heavy focus on imagination and lore. There was this fantastic story being told through a sci-fi spectrum and it provided a lot of amazing and rich storytelling. But at a certain point, we moved away from creating an imaginary space for our listeners to get lost in and moved instead towards something far more human and universally understood; love, loss, grief, sadness, anger, and all their accompanying emotions. We wanted to do away with the traditional metal musician facade and relinquish the idea that we’re impenetrable. We want to let people know that we feel these emotions, too. No one is alone in their struggles, and no one should ever feel alone. The cosmos is unfathomably large and can bring a lot of inspiration to artists. But the depth of human emotion and the connection we can tether ourselves to one another with is far greater and far more inspirational.

Is altruism really a thing or just a feel-good illusion?

I believe it is. We all have a profound empathy for one another, and for every person we interact with.

I would say our belief in altruism is best displayed in our constant quest to bring people together. Kardashev is a band for the people.

We give everyone who wants to be a part of it a chance to have a say in what we do simply for the reward of bringing them joy. They design our merch, they shape our songs, they interact with us, we make them laugh; for a brief moment we provide people with an escape from whatever may be interrupting their happiness. I believe as artists, it is our duty. Our whole existence can be attributed to the quest of helping people feel something positive.

Besides making extraordinary music, what do you like to do in your free time? Do you even have free time?

We are all definitely very busy people, but speaking for myself I’ll usually use my free time for either working on music, drawing, or playing video games. Mark, Nico, and I just started a new campaign in WoW: TBC Classic, so I guess we all share that activity in our free time.

What is one thing every musician must own?

That’s a tough question as it depends greatly on what a person’s goal is as a musician. It could be something as simple as whatever instrument they choose to play, or if their intention is to record music, I would say a computer with a good DAW and an interface is crucial.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would that be?

I would definitely say attitude is the number one thing I would change throughout the industry. Being a musician for as long as I have, the number one thing I see that tears it all apart for people is their attitude towards their bandmates and the people around them.

Comradery and support keep this industry alive and it’s absolutely necessary to the success of artists.

I would not be where I am today without the love and support of my fellow artists.

What would be the title of the band’s biography?

Kardashev: The Band Whose Name Made Sense For The First Few Albums, But Now It Doesn’t And It’s Been Too Long So We Can’t Change It

What’s the next step for Kardashev and what is one goal that you would really like to achieve within the next year?

Growth. We always want to progress forward and be the best version of ourselves that we can be. We’re currently working on a new album that we all feel very strongly about and I think collectively our goal would be to release that into the world and see what happens. We look forward to the future with much joy and excitement.

Thank you for the wonderful interview.

Until we meet again,

Chelf | Metal Digest.

Kardashev online:

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