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MOONSPELL, the undisputed Gothic Metal titans, return to their hometown, Portugal’s luminous capital Lisbon, in style and with a grandiose DOUBLE-DATE no pack member can afford to miss out!

On June 18th, MOONSPELL will take over the stage and in front of a live audience of 300 fans (under Covid rules), to perform their pathbreaking 1996 album Irreligious in its entirety! Irreligious has not only helped the band to redefine their manifold style, but this year also marks the record’s 25th anniversary. Timeless classics such as Opium, Raven Claws, Herr Spiegelmann, Mephisto or Fullmoon Madness will take you back to the late Nineties, when Gothic was more dark and beautiful than in any other year or age. To share this memorable event with fans from all over the world, the show will be also streamed live in a top notch-production, with MOONSPELL’s own flair for a big sound and amazing lights via the streaming platform Munin Live. Furthermore, MOONSPELL have announced to reissue Irreligious with a one-of-a-kind Deluxe Box.

This is the second time I’m having a chat with Fernando Ribeiro and I’m thrilled to welcome him to Metal Digest Magazine.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

With more than 25 years under your belt, MOONSPELL has always been a creative and live force that refused to die or to compromise to the grinding of time. Today as we are facing new challenges and Covid restrictions you continue to evolve and find new ways to connect with your audience. How does it feel to play live for an online audience?

It’s a necessary evil but also a question of kindness and generosity towards our fans and vice-versa. Remote shows can be something especially when you are outside of the country “real shows” but it’s not the same, not at all, not for Rock or Metal music which always dealt in proximity. We just want to be in each other’s hearts and radars, but I can’t wait for things to go back to normal. Or not at all and call it a day, Moonspell has been a daily fight, we are less established than one thinks and must fight for every bit of our territory and fan, what we did so far, means nothing. We still struggling.

You are also reissuing ‘Irreligious’ which features some of the best-known songs of the band. What should we expect from this new edition?

It will be a dream-like edition, especially the box. We will be revealing the details when this interview is live and believe me, people’s jaws will drop. Irreligious is perhaps our most important album and we want to honor this legacy with a kickass edition. Expect the unexpected and start saving up!

Has your taste in music changed over the years?

Fortunately, yes. At least something about me got better. I still tap a lot into older bands but keep an eye on new opportunities but there’s a lot of stuff I can’t swallow like Symphonic metal or fun metal. Not for me, sorry not sorry.

I like it dark and deep, hate rubber ducks.

How do you want your writing and songs to affect people?

I just want to entertain with dignity, nothing else. Long gone are the days I considered myself an artist. I have the ideas and the ambition to lay them into words and music, but I don’t take it for granted that the “fans” will be there, willingly to hear and rad my rumblings. I want people to feel and think, but only if they’re up to it. Moonspell is surely not the most important thing in the life of our “fans”, we are just grateful for that shred of attention we get, that’s it, hope it’s worthwhile.

After all these years in the music industry, what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned and want to share with the world?

There are no lessons other than managing your expectations and don’t be an asshole.

Music is pain, there’s little else than pain. Have fun and die laughing.

Music industry is something else than music, be on the inside but don’t get crushed in the process, take what’s yours and open some wine.

Moonspell songs never fail to become timeless classics. From ‘Opium’ to ‘Night Eternal’ and ‘Anno Satanae’, I can’t think of a record you released that wasn’t greeted with sheer enthusiasm.  What’s the secret to creating melodies that become classics?

Moonspell has always been about the songs, how they sound, where they go, we might have a few catchy tunes under our belt because we want our music to be “musical” but we don’t have a lot of strings attached to anything we do or listen to.

We work like in cinema, there’s a script and a musical soundtrack to it, that’s the whole process.

Today’s music has a heavy reliance on social media. How do you utilize them to connect with your wolfpack?

If I knew that music will rely so much on social “networking” I would have never pursued this career, for the most part, I hate that kind of “connection”, they are not authentic and everybody is lying about their music, their real status, themselves. Everything became worst, especially the music. I do whatever is needed but I don’t put my life online or wake up with the fans. FB and IG are to sell my product, not to meet people or make friends.

Where do you see Moonspell in the next five years? Do you plan ahead or go with the flow?

I see it slowing down to the point of stopping. It’s been a nice ride; we still have some music and energy inside us yet I don’t want this to go on forever.

That is my wish, to know where to leave, that’s the most important moment in a band.

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