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Lacuna Coil – ‘Live From the Apocalypse’

Century Media Records
Within Temptation, UnSun, Nemesea, Evanescence
Release Date
June 25, 2021
Century Media Records
Alternative Metal/Gothic Metal

Over the last 20 years, few bands have risen to the reverence and respect that Lacuna Coil have earned. The Italian band have trailblazed their Gothic metal sound and have earned their place amongst the leading names within the genre. The global pandemic may have initially made bands stumble and scratch their heads, but soon, utilising technology, bands would soon find new and innovative ways to reach their fans with Lacuna Coil being the latest band to do so releasing their latest live album ‘Live From the Apocalypse’.

                Much like every other big name band to conduct a live stream or release a live album during this period, ‘Live From…’ is massively sleek, modern sounding and professional with a bombastic sound that is designed to be blasted out at maximum volume. This big sound is complimented by Lacuna Coil performing the entirety of ‘Black Anima’, their most recent release. What the listener gets here is the band perfectly replicating that album in the live environment and at times, it is a little too well replicated; without a live audience, there isn’t anything to provide an atmosphere or to feed the band and it has the overarching feel that the listener is privy to a private, albeit very, very good, staged dress rehearsal. Furthermore, ‘Live From…’ may be ‘Black Anima’ in its entirety, but there are also no extras from Lacuna Coil’s extensive catalogue and for those expecting their favourite songs will be a little disappointed.

                Lacuna Coil have delivered an excellent live album, in fact, it’s so excellent, the listener might as well just put ‘Black Anima’ on and be done with it. There isn’t anything here to bring in the passing fan or to make them part with their hard earned money, but one the hand, hardcore Lacuna Coil fans will lap up every second of it.

the listener might as well just put ‘Black Anima’ on and be done with it

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