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Local Stage Worldwide is a promotion agency supporting
local bands worldwide driven by Pete Eklund.

Local Stage Worldwide was founded January 1st, 2020.
Pete Eklund and long-time friend Mark Nicholson had been talking
about this project 14 years ago.

Pete: When I called Mark up 14 years later asking if he remembered the discussion?
He remembered it all and was more than ready to finally get this dream going.

Both being die-hard music fans, knowing how the local bands were struggling to get their names
and music out there it was time to step up to the plate and deliver.

This project was never planned to make us money or bring us fame,
This was ALL about the bands and get them out there.
That is why all our services are free of charge.
We started with a radio show released on January 1st, 2020

Today we have released:

56 radio shows

a 24 hour long !!“New Years Eve Special”
featuring every single band on Local Stage Worldwide, 297 at the time.

Several release parties for our radio show

Special shows dedicated to one band or company

6 TV shows

Today we promote close to 400 bands from over 35 different countries.

As we were growing and getting more and more support from the bands and the music industry
we had to do something to make this bigger and better.

So on April 21st, 2021 we released our very first TV show that features videos with the bands
along with interviews.

This chapter really made a difference for the more established bands as we can help to push their
new videos as well as their new albums.
The future looks very bright for us and we are looking forward
to connecting with more partners in the music industry to help
expand the reach for our bands. For FREE promotion for your band/bands connect with us online


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