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HATE ETERNAL’s Erik Rutan Announces Tab Book via Sheet Happens

HATE ETERNAL shredder Erik Rutan has teamed up with Sheet Happens Publishing to deliver the complete guitar transcription of ten HATE ETERNAL songs! “Best of Hate Eternal Vol. 1” is out NOW. The 162 page tab book spans across all of the band’s releases. This book comes with a copy of the ‘print-ready’ PDF e-book AND The Complete Guitar Pro 7 files for the entire album.

The full list of songs featured is as follows:

1. All Hope Destroyed
2. Behold Judas
3. Bringer of Storms
4. Catacombs
5. I, Monarch
6. Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
7. Powers That Be
8. Servants of the Gods
9. Tombeau (Le Tombeau de la Fureur et Des Flammes)
10. Whom Gods May Destroy

Rutan comments, “The day is finally upon us for the release of the first ever Official Hate Eternal Guitar Tab Book entitled Hate Eternal ‘Best Of Vol I’ on Sheet Happens Publishing. I am absolutely ecstatic to release this into the universe! With the guidance of Luke Hoskin and everyone at the fantastic Sheet Happens Publishing, along with the tremendous help of the super talented Evan Bradley working with me and transcribing, we have put together this fabulous book that comes in multiple formats. This will enable and allow guitarists to be able to fully grasp and learn Hate Eternal riffs and songs the way they were written and intended to be played.”He adds, “Having recorded seven studio albums with Hate Eternal thus far it was quite a challenge to choose 10 songs for this first book and achieve. I really wanted it to cover a lot of our catalog as well as songs that really encompass my playing and composing style as a rhythm and lead guitarist and songwriter. These 10 songs represent a lot of the creative feel and unique style and techniques that have been crafted for well over 30 years. I look forward to doing more tablature books in the future to cover even more of the Hate Eternal landscape.”“I am so thankful to everyone who is and has been a part of Hate Eternal and grateful to all the people who have helped, contributed and supported us to become what we are today. I could not be more excited to know for the first time ever, people truly will have a unique insight into the complexities, the range and depth of emotion and insanity of what is the musical legacy of Hate Eternal. Gratitude!”Recently, HATE ETERNAL has also released an entirely instrumental version of 2018’s ‘Upon Desolate Sands!’ The record is available now via the official Hate Eternal Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION.

Last year, Rutan shared his first ever guitar play-through video for the track “All Hope Destroyed.” The video, which was filmed by guitarist Keith Merrow, can be found at THIS LOCATION.

‘Upon Desolate Sands’ can be streamed, downloaded, and purchased at THIS LOCATION.
The cover artwork for ‘Upon Desolate Sands,’ which was created by Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, ATHEIST, ARCHSPIRE, etc.), can be found below along with the tracklist.
1. The Violent Fury (3:55)
2. What Lies Beyond (3:09)
3. Vengeance Striketh (4:39)
4. Nothingness of Being (5:02)
5. All Hope Destroyed (5:45)
6. Portal of Myriad (4:13)
7. Dark Age of Ruin (3:58)
8. Upon Desolate Sands (5:02)
9. For Whom We Have Lost (3:18)
Total playing time: 39:01
HATE ETERNAL faithfully keeps the death metal spirit alive as their long-awaited seventh studio album ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ now uncompromisingly demonstrates!
Founded in St. Petersburg, Florida in the year 1997, HATE ETERNAL is the brainchild of extreme metal luminary Erik Rutan, who created a charging death metal juggernaut. In the United States this style has been virtually synonymous with Florida and especially the Tampa Bay Area for a long time.
More aggressive and technically complex than its Swedish counterpart, Floridian death metal grew out of thrash during the mid-1980’s and was founded by such as the legendary DEATH, OBITUARY, and MORBID ANGEL. While many of its early protagonists went on experimental paths, HATE ETERNAL remains true to the original formula, while continuously pushing the boundaries of this extreme style.
HATE ETERNAL‘s new full-length doubles down on their patented, high-velocity assault of dizzying ferocity combined with wide-range dynamics, outstanding songwriting and skull-crushing brutality. HATE ETERNAL delivers extreme music at the highest level. There can be no doubt that ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ will be regarded by many as the best death metal record of 2018!

Erik Rutan – vocals, guitar
J.J. Hrubovcak – bass, vocals
Hannes Grossmann – drums

Style: Death Metal

Recording: Mana Recording Studio (Florida, US)
Producer and engineer: Erik Rutan Art Paiz (assistant engineer)
Mix: Erik Rutan, Mana Recording Studio
Mastering: Alan Douches, West West Side Music
Guest musician
“Upon Desolate Sands” ft. Małgorzata “Maggie” Gwóźdź
Cover art: Eliran Kantor


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