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Desaster – ‘Churches Without Saints’

Metal Blade Records
Hellhammer, Venom, Sodom, Destruction
Release Date
June 4, 2021
Metal Blade Records
Thrash/Black Metal

Some bands just revel themselves in the underground, and one such band are Desaster who have forged their own trench in the black and thrash metal scene with a long string of albums. The last release being ‘The Oath of an Iron Ritual’ in 2016. It may have been a few years, but Desaster are back with their new album ‘Churches Without Saints’.

                Desaster have always been a band where the listener knows what they are getting and ‘Churches…’ is no different. This is an album that battens down the hatches, inverts the cross and bleeds the virgin dry with its break neck thrashing riffs and speed metal rhythms coupled with old-school black metal musings. When it boils down it, old school is a great way to describe ‘Churches…’, it is an album with no frills or gimmicks and it does what it says on the tin having all the enjoyability of Venom and Hellhammer as well as a large helping of Teutonic thrash that would appeal to fans of Destruction and early Sodom. However, ‘Churches…’ is a safe album, none of the tracks here really push the boat out or even in essence massively stand out in particular, but in all honesty, the listener already knows this and therefore there are no surprises.

                ‘Churches…’ is an album which sticks its head down and does what it has to do. It won’t be the best album of the year and certainly won’t be the worst, but it is one thing and that is enjoyable.

an album which sticks its head down and does what it has to do

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