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Spelljammer is a  Stockholm-based trio that “likes it slow and heavy.” I listened to every one of their songs and while the tempo rarely exceeds 80 bpm, there is still enough texture and variation to keep the most impatient person (that’s me) satisfied. Their latest album is “Abyssal Trip” and the music is as vast as the name implies. Call them Doom, Stoner, whatever you like. I call them a great new discovery.


Congratulations on the new album. I have shared your music with several people already. For the uninitiated, describe your sound in five words or less. Ok, maybe ten. 

Nik: Thank you! Usually describing your own music is best left to others, but I would say it is, for the most part, slow, heavy, loud, and dynamic. That was four.

I understand your previous album “Ancient of Days” was recorded over a weekend, whereas “Abyssal Trip” took quite a bit longer. Why the big disparity? Also, the latest album was reportedly recorded in “bathysphere?”  Really?  Tell us about the recording experience. 

Nik: Haha I haven’t heard that one before. No, it wasn’t recorded at the bottom of the sea, but in a house in the countryside. Writing the material took some time but the actual recording was done over a weekend except for some vocals and overdubs.

Rob: Yes, the actual recording took a day or so long mostly because of the time it took to transport, load, and set up all the gear we brought to that house.  There were the usual technical problems but all in all the recording went smooth. We were pretty well-rehearsed and the songs were more or less done so it was pretty relaxed. Good times! 

It has been five years since “Ancient of Days.” Aside from Covid, what is the most significant event to have happened to you as a band and as individuals?

Nik: I hate to give boring answers but, aside from this pandemic paralyzing everything in society, nothing significant has happened.

Rob: Before releasing Ancient of Days we didn’t do many live shows at all, but after releasing that album we got to play more live shows and that has definitely made us grow as a band. 

For our gearhead readers, tell us about your rig. Instruments, amps, tunings, pedals, etc. What is your favorite piece of equipment? 

Nik: I play a Sandberg bass through an Orange Terror Bass and an Ampeg 810 cab. I don’t use many pedals but rely on an Earthbound Audio Supercollider for fuzz.
Rob: For this record, we tuned in dropB. I play a Gibson SG The rest of the rig varies but my current live setup is Orange TH100. Orange PPC 412. Proco RAT, Dunlop CAE Wah, BOSS-RE 20.  Favorite piece of equipment … mh, probably something we can’t afford.

Tell us about the upcoming Gloomy Days Festival. Since you haven’t played in forever, anything planned to mark the occasion? And if I can swing the airfare to Sweden, can you get me backstage?

Rob: Well, first of all, Gloomy Days has been postponed due to the pandemic. The new date is sometime in February 2022, I believe. Ha, no, we haven’t really planned for something extra for the next time we hit the stage. I think just facing a crowd again, whenever that might happen, will be enough excitement to make it memorable!

Any musical ideas or themes bouncing around that aren’t quite Spelljammer material? Any chance you might record it someday? (under a pseudonym of course.) 

Rob: Yes, there are lots of ideas floating around. Some get tossed because they suck and some because it doesn’t fit Spelljammer. Who knows, maybe it’ll get properly recorded one day, but for now we are focusing on material for the next Spelljammer album. Our drummer, Jonatan, plays guitar in a great thrash band you should check out – Cardinal Maniac.

Musically, who would you say has been Sweden’s greatest contribution to the world?

Rob: I would say Abba – They proved that it was possible to make it as a non-US or UK -act, giving a whole generation of Swedish musicians the confidence to take their music to international standard. 
Nik: I agree. ABBA has sold around 350 million records. No one else comes even close when it comes to fame. They also wrote some really good music. 

Robert Sörling – guitar

Jonatan Rimsbo – drums

Niklas Olsson – bass/vocals

Connect with the band:

Spelljammer (

 Spelljammer | Facebook

𝕾𝖕𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖏𝖆𝖒𝖒𝖊𝖗 (@spelljammerband) • Instagram photos and videos

Spelljammer Band – YouTube

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