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Diamond Weapon – ‘Eyes’ EP

City Set On A Hill Records
KEN Mode, Dance Gavin Dance, At the Drive-In
Release Date
June 11, 2021
City Set On A Hill Records
Post Hardcore

I initially listened to this EP whilst driving. Two minutes in, with my eyes widened, I seriously thought to myself, “where the hell is this going?” After its 22-minute run time, I had more questions than answers. This Toronto-based quartet packs more intrigue into one EP than some artists do in an entire discography. Their music is aggressive, dark, and quite frankly, disturbing at times. The impassioned sing/scream vocal delivery coupled with the music’s urgency strike a perfect combination. It is the lyrics, however, that stand the tallest. Subjects range from child abduction to gun violence to brain trauma, often from a first-person perspective. “Shiny Happy People,” it ain’t.

I cannot help but wonder how much of it is autobiographical or influenced by the nightly news or just passing observations of our insane world. What is clear is that Diamond Weapon is a band with something to say and they do so with alarming clarity.

I must single out the closing track, “I’m Sorry For Everything.” It is a bleak account of a failed relationship. Part self-loathing, part perceived betrayal, and maybe just a glimmer of reconciliation, it is extremely compelling and unfortunately, relatable.

Diamond Weapon has stated their songs are “for people who may be into unconventional music.” If that isn’t the understatement of the year, I don’t know what is.

Diamond Weapon is a band with something to say

Come on in!

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