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Lord of Pagathorn – ‘Age of Curse’

Woodcut Records
Sargeist, Behexen, Azaghal
Release Date
May 15, 2021
Woodcut Records
Black Metal

I have stated before, Black Metal is not my bailiwick, but I have also stated, it is growing on me. With repeated listening, this album has gotten me closer to being a Black Metal fan than ever. I would not say it is toned down or accessible or any of those polite terms, but I think Lord of Pagathorn (LOP) has hit upon the perfect mix of intangibles. Sometimes, it is better not to figure these things out and just enjoy.

It begins with a brooding and effective acoustic piece before transitioning into a full onslaught. At its heart, the album is rooted in old-school Black Metal, but there is plenty of variation too. The insane tempos, blast beats, growls and shrieks, atmospheric keys, driving guitars, all the hallmarks are here. What has wrangled me is the constant change in melodies; LOP keeps it consistently interesting. There are some definite Thrash elements mixed in while at other times there is a strong Groove factor. I swear I briefly heard Monster Magnet on those buzzsaw guitars. All in all, it is immensely satisfying, yet leaves me wanting just a little bit more. And that’s the idea all along, right?

If you are of Black Metal fan, you will absolutely like this. If you are becoming a fan (like me) this very well may win you over. And if you do end up on the Dark Side, tell them I sent you.

if you do end up on the Dark Side, tell them I sent you

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