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No Possession – ‘Third Time’s A Charm’

Melodic Passion
The Rolling Stones, The Faces, The Black Crowes
Release Date
May 27, 2021
Melodic Passion

In 1988, Keith Richards released his first solo album, ‘Talk Is Cheap.’ It had a delicious Classic Rock vibe with awful singing (sorry Keith) and was authentic to the bone. ‘Third Time’s A Charm” immediately reminded me of good ole Keef. That is a good thing.

After two albums, No Possession’s sound has evolved from a more Bluesy style (they won the Scandinavian Blues Contest in 2011 to prove it) to a more Classic Rock sound. Sounding like 70s Rolling Stones meets The Jayhawks meets your favorite local bar band after 2AM, this album offers up great classic-sounding tunes that feel as good as an old pair of jeans.

Leading with “Lights Out,” the listener is put on notice, this will be a fun forty-five minutes. Driving beat, punchy brass, gruff vocals; it is a perfect start. “Black Coal, Thin Ice” sounds like it could have been an outtake from ‘Exile On Main Street,” maybe a little too much, but I have to let it slide. To me, the highlight is not even a rocker, but the acoustic closer, “The Sunshineman.” Sounding just a bit like “Blackbird,” it quickly transitions to a peppy toe-tapper that I personally guarantee will bring you a smile.

Sporting an earnest vocal delivery, tasty licks, and plenty of sing-along choruses, No Possession is not about flash, but a genuine love of Rock ’n’ Roll music, and it shines through brightly. Last time I checked; you can’t do better than that.  

a genuine love of Rock ’n’ Roll music, and it shines through brightly

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