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Chthonic – ‘Megaport 2021’

Ciong Zo
Anthelion, Black Kirin, Screaming Savior, Bloody Tyrant
Release Date
May 26, 2021
Ciong Zo
Melodic Black/Death/Folk Metal

Often cited as Taiwan’s premier metal export, Chthonic have spent the best part of their near 30-year career delivering a stream of fantastically received albums that have achieved cult status amongst many heavy metal fans. Last year may have been massively shit, but this year has Chthonic returning with their latest live album ‘Megaport 2021’.

                With the recent developments in the world, it is actually quite an odd experience to hear not only the ambient noise of an audience, but also that audience and band interacting together and that is exactly what the listener gets here with ‘Megaport 2021’. This is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders in an environment in which they truly thrive and it feels like this is the closest we can currently get to the live experience. There is nothing here that will shock fans, the appearance of Audrey Tang on vocals is a huge boost alongside interesting drum and bass remixes of ‘Oceanquake’, ‘Takao’ and ‘Set Fire to the Island’. This is the sound of Chthonic battening down the hatches and thundering through through tracks such as ‘Defenders of Bú’Tik Palace’ and ‘Supreme Pain for the Tyrant’ delivering a typhoon that assaults the sense with black, death and folk metal.

                There is enough here to please any Chthonic fan, but there isn’t anything that will appeal to fans outside of this remit. But, if you listen to this album, turn up the volume, close your eyes and lose yourself in the sound of what it feels like to be at a gig.

There is enough here to please any Chthonic fan

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