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Heavy Rotation | May 2021


to the METAL DIGEST Heavy Rotation Playlist.

This is where we sit down and attempt to cram everything we’ve been digesting at our HQ into a monthly playlist for your audio pleasure. Here you’ll find upcoming releases from both new and established bands, as well juicy reissues and celebrated classics. There is a guarantee you’ll find something new to crank up in your daily routine. So sit back, turn it up to 11 and enjoy!

Altarage – ‘Magno Evento’ (Season of Mist: Underground Activists)

Basque thrashers take their brand of northern Iberian thrash to the international stage with their furious fourth album ‘Succumb’.

Amnessia Eterna – ‘Infierno’ (Brutal Records)

South America blasts into 2021 with their debut album of Chilean thrash coupled with all the denim, leather and spikes you can shake a stick at.

August Burns Red – ‘Icarus’ (Fearless Records)

The metalcore stalwarts dig into the vaults from their latest album to deliver an extra slice of unreleased and reworkings that fans of ABR are bound to lap up.

Axedra – ‘Thought Corruption’ (Independent Release)

When it comes down to it, there is not much better than old-school death metal and Axedra deliver just that on their debut album ‘Mass Deception’.

Before We Fall – ‘Healed By Fear’ (Inverse Records)

Melodic metal comes home as the Hungarians deliver ‘Healed by Fear’ as this track shows from ‘Healed by Fear’, the bands latest EP.

Capra – ‘The Locust Preacher’ (Metal Blade Records)

The swamps of Louisiana have unleashed Capra upon the world with their brand of thrashing crossover hardcore that fans from the likes of D.R.I. and Black Flag to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Nirvana will truly love.

Conclave – ‘Dawn of Days’ (Independent Release)

The ground quaked like a sudden and unexpected appearance from a T. Rex when Conclave stomped forward to deliver their enjoyable sophomore album ‘Dawn of Days’.

Dark the Suns – ‘The Secrets of Time’ (Inverse Records)

Grab yourself some strong liquor and a big warm fire for a freezing cold night because Dark the Suns much like winter, are back with their first album in ten years to rock you to sleep in a euphoric hypothermic sleep.

Deadwolff – ‘Walking on Nails’ (Metal Assault Records)

Trad metal smashes home as the Canadians finally get the chance to get their debut EP on a physical format instead of solely digital.

Giotopia – ‘Trinity of Evil’ (Independent Release)

Giotopia bring their eponymous world to life with their larger than life debut album featuring guests and all the drama of the Wars of the Roses and ‘Game of Thrones’.

Icon of Sin – ‘Shadow Dancer’ (Frontiers Records)

The Brazilian heavy metal band deliver a debut album of colossal proportions with their larger than life Bruce Dickinson vocals set to set the world on fire.

Idiot Robot – ‘Grey Pop Story’ (Dead Game Records)

What Idiot Robot bring forward with their debut album are the jangly, upbeat guitars of the middle 80’s coupled with DIY punk ethics of the late 80’s and early 90’s to demonstrate a big slab of happy nostalgia.

Insane – ‘Evil is at Hand’ (High Roller Records)

‘Wait and Pray’ finally gets the reissue it deserves and once again the world can hear a band worshipping at the altar of ‘Show No Mercy’ and Venom.

Jo Below – ‘I Confess’ (Inverse Records)

These flying Finns bring an excellent sophomore EP of hard rock that has all the replayability of your favourite releases.

Kadaver/Listing – ‘Razor Love Orchestra’ (Aesthetic Death)

When it boils down to it, these guys know how to make noise. It’s avant-garde, it’s black metal, it’s ambient, it’s fucked up… in fact we don’t know what it is, but if that sounds good, you’ll love it.

Kardashev – ‘Snow-Sleep’ (Metal Blade Records)

Last year, Kardashev released their ‘The Baring of Shadows’ EP. This year has that EP being reissued with the entire EP also being presented in instrumental format.

Liar Thief Bandit – ‘Feather’ (The Sign Records)

It’s DIY punk ethic with a garage overtone that fans of The Stooges and The Hives with the ethereal flutters of Josh Homme and it’s bloody good.

Ninkharsag – ‘Strigoi Diabolicum’ (Vendetta Records)

Black metal gets a big Liverpudlian boost as the English band turn back the clocks to 1993 to deliver an album of proper old-school black metal.

Primal Creation – ‘Don’t Hold Back’ (Independent Release)

Belgian thrashers return with their sophomore album to deliver a scathing look at social media through the lens of European thrash that fans of Kreator and Destruction will find irresistible.

Stormwind – ‘Rising Symphony’ (Massacre Records)

Power metal finally gets one of its gems reissued in the shape of ‘Rising Symphony’. It serves as an excellent reminder that true heavy metal never stopped existing against the juggernaut of nu-metal if you knew where to look.

The Boogie Pop Assassin – ‘Tears of Gasoline’ (Independent Release)

The microphone assassin delivers an EP that is big on 70’s hard rock with a modern twist.

Thundermother – ‘Dog From Hell (Acoustic Version)’ (AFM Records)

The German hard rockers dropped their fourth album ‘Heat Wave’ last year and now that excellent album gets the deluxe edition remaster. Get it whilst its hot.

Todd LaTorre – ‘Hellbound and Down’ (Rat Pak Records)

The Queensrÿche frontman blasts his critics out of the water with this superb offering that may just be album of the year.

Unreality in One’s Self – ‘The Illusion of Mankind’ (Independent Release)

A creative take on black metal that takes in parts of post-black metal, dark jazz and shoegaze. It doesn’t sound like it should work, but it does… and it works well.

Witherfall – ‘Tempest’ (Century Media Records)

Another superb offering from Witherfall who seem to be the band that keep on giving. Another big contender for a coveted top 10 place at the end of the year.

Yarima – ‘Like a Flower Petal’ (Love Anarchy Co.)

Oriental fantasy metal; it’s not ‘kawaii’ and it’s not ‘OwO’, but it does contain fantastic, beautiful melodies that drag the listener into exploring the world and concept of Dima Faewarian and the Eyvarla Kingdom.

Zao – ‘Croatoan’ (Observer Observed Records)

Raw energy and power grab the listener by the throat, pin them to the wall and deliver a bullet-train of metalcore right down the throat.

Zoë – ‘Voices’ (LX/Brennus Music)

The French stoners release their inner Black Sabbath, couple it with The Stooges and The Electric Cactus to create an excellent album to get drunk and baked to.

Kpauyn – ‘Kpauyn’ (Independent Release)

Greece and Brazil combine to form a duo that creates black metal for the fans, by the fans. No more, no less. Capiche?

Book of Wyrms – ‘Colossal Yield’ (Desert Records)

Book of Wyrms bring occult doom metal to life; disappointed with Lucifer’s recent offerings? Get on this instead.

Dixie Goat – ‘There is No Light Without Darkness’ (Electric Valley Records)

Is this from the southern swamps of the USA? Nah, these Chileans know how to groove on their second studio offering ‘There’s No Light Without Darkness’.

Ereb Altor – ‘The Twilight Ship’ (Hammerheart Records)

Raise your glasses high to Valhalla as Ereb Altor worship at the altar of Bathory on their latest ‘Eldens Boning’ EP.

Havamal – ‘Kraken’ (Art Gates Records)

Melodic Death Metal and Viking lore? These Swedes don their armour and march out for another season of pillaging with their sophomore album ‘The Shadow Chapter’.

Temtris – ‘Ritual Warfare’ (WormHoleDeath Records)

There’s a thunder from down under and it’s Temtris back for the sixth time as the Australians deliver a typhoon of metal that will make Priest and Warlock fans weak at the knees.

Artillery – ‘Turn Up the Rage’ (Metal Blade Records)

‘X’ is the story of triumph from the jaws of destruction. A truly excellent album that would make Morten Stützer proud.

Woe Unto Me – ‘Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck’ (BadMoonMan Music)

It’s summer… feel like bringing your neighbours down during their garden parties? Then crank up this little ditty of funeral doom. You’ll soon be happily at peace.

The Medea Project – ‘Southern Echoes’ (Independent Release)

An album of sounds which hums like a South African city at night. It’s warm and humid, but full of melody and surprises.

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