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Bloodbound – ‘Creatures of the Dark Realm’

AFM Records
Sabaton, Beast in Black, Battle Beast, HammerFall
Release Date
May 28, 2021
AFM Records
Power Metal

Over the course of their nearly 20-year career, Bloodbound have managed to carve an impressive niche in power metal. It may have been a couple of years since the Swedes last delivered an album, but thankfully, Bloodbound are back with their latest album ‘Creatures of the Dark Realm’.

This is a band which stick almost exclusively to their tried and tested formula of fantasy, sword and sorcery and therefore, the listener knows exactly what to expect with this latest offering. ‘Creatures…’ stands tall and proud amongst its peers as a strong album of pure fantasy power metal; it takes a deep breath and expels a flame breath of excellent driving rhythms, quick fire guitars and soaring vocals that are steeped with those extremely likeable European keyboards which give an element of both memorability and cheese to an already good album. This means that ‘Creatures…’ is driven along by tracks such as ‘When Fate is Calling’, ‘Face of Evil’ and the title track which have the enjoyable likeability of the likes of Sabaton, Battle Beast and Beast in Black.

However, there isn’t anything here that fans of power metal will not have heard before, there are a few familiar melodies, particularly in the keyboard parts, especially during ‘When Fate is Calling’ which bring back memories of Edguy’s ‘Wasted Time’. Naturally, there isn’t anything wrong with this and what the Bloodbound have delivered with ‘Creatures…’ is an album that has endlessly replayability and a must buy for any power metal fan this year.

an album that has endlessly replayability

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