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Artist: Voivod

Album: Live Stream Review

Genre: Prog/Thrash

Label: Century Media

Release Date:  5/30/2021

FFO: Mekong Delta, Coroner, and Anacrusis have some similar elements, but there is no one quite like Voivod.

Okay, full disclosure here. When I was asked to review the Voivod show, my immediate thought was, “I haven’t listened to them in forever. I better bone up on things.” That is not verbatim by the way. When I got reacquainted, I wished I had done this much sooner, but haven’t we all done this? There is a reason they are so revered in the Metal community. Their music is powerful, complex, yet accessible and best of all, kicks ass! To see them perform 1989’s “Nothingface” in its entirety was amazing.

From the outset, the band was tight. Super tight. This only comes from being well-rehearsed or from playing forever. In this case, it is both.

They blazed through “Nothingface” like nobody’s business. Flawlessly playing tracks like “Astronomy Domine,” “Inner Combustion,” and “Pre-Ignition,” the whole show was an astounding display of not only showmanship but technical prowess. The sound production, frankly, was better than any copy I have ever heard.  As such, I picked up on even more detail. The subtle nuances, the intricacies, all the hallmarks of Prog coupled with Voivod’s brand of Metal were there. The fact “Nothingface” was recorded so many years ago and they still play it to perfection is pretty darn impressive.

With the intro the “X-Ray Mirror,” my wife remarked that it sounded a bit like Dream Theater’s “Dance of Eternity.” I kindly remarked that it is other way around. Clearly, Voivod has been influenced by others, but they in turn have done the same. It is unfortunate they have not gotten quite the recognition that some have. Perhaps this performance and (hopefully) a pending tour will remedy that.

Throughout the show, each member was featured in a pre-recorded segment, introducing songs and sharing their thoughts and memories. Banter touched on the daunting task of covering Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine” to seeing the band as teen and then actually being in the band to the perils of snowboarding at a certain age. It was a nice substitute for the crowd interaction we all miss.

When this Covid madness is over and concerts are in full swing, I fully intend to see them live. If you have not listened to them recently (like me,) consider yourself encouraged to do so. Viva Voivod!

Craig Obert

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