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Neckbeard Noose – ‘Assorted Remains 10oz’

Weasel Box Studio
BroJob, Psychostick, Rob Zombie films
Release Date
April 9, 2021
Weasel Box Studio
Solipsynthm Metal

Neckbeard Noose (NN) is a heavy ambient musical duo from Dallas Texas. They play “solipsynthm metal” …And what is Solipsynthm you may ask? Well, I did anyway. It is a conjunction of “solo laptop and synthetic rhythm.” A computer, imagination, and attitude can equal whatever you want the world to hear.

Aside from the vocals and a didgeridoo(!), all the instruments are virtual. Heavily distorted throaty male bellowing intertwined with soothing, often out-of-tune female vocals. This is by design, no doubt. The music is dark Industrial meets Electronica, with a fairly constant assault by the male vocal. There are some very interesting beats and rhythms, almost synth-pop, but definitely with a darker slant. I enjoyed the music, but the constant barrage of unintelligible vocals gets to be a bit much. Then again, anyone with the cojones to play the didgeridoo in a Metal band probably doesn’t care.

By the album’s end, most of the songs start sounding largely the same. One exception is “Hazard Label.” It features a seriously cool gunshot beat, Darkwave underlay and both vocalists almost seem to be performing two different songs. It is oddly satisfying.

With their chosen medium, it is limitless what they can do. If there is a follow-up, I would be curious to see what has developed.

With their chosen medium, it is limitless what they can do

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