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Vulture – ‘Dealin’ Death’

Metal Blade Records
Agent Steel, Evil Invaders, Stälker, Exciter, Razor
Release Date
May 21, 2021
Metal Blade Records
Speed/Thrash Metal

“there’s been no good music since 1990!” cries the rock and metal fan who claims to know all. How very wrong they are as they are not versed in the ways of German speed metal band Vulture. This year has Vulture returning with their latest album ‘Dealin’ Death’

                Vultures may hang around corpses as opportune scavengers, but with this latest offering, Vulture show that they are apex predators with a killer speed metal vibe with a large swathe of trad metal. In comparison to their previous albums that were drenched in 80’s style reverb, Vulture have pushed their boat out with ‘Dealin’ Death’, expanding on their sound to encompass an actually audibly pleasing album that allows every instrument to be heard absolutely clearly, demonstrating that ‘Dealin’ Death’ has a feeling that Vulture are stepping out of the heavy metal trenches into the no man’s land of their own. This means that tracks such as ‘Malicious Souls’, ‘Gorgon’ and ‘The Court of Caligula’ pummel with all the power of Agent Steel, Evil Invaders and Stälker whilst vocalist Leo Steeler roars with the raw power of Paul Baloff and early Chuck Billy.

                ‘Dealin’ Death’ may be a new overall sound for Vulture, but the same old music exists below as Vulture begin to scale new heights. It may initially take awhile to get used to this reverb-free zone, but what the listener will find is that Vulture have delivered another superb album.

Vulture begin to scale new heights

Come on in!

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