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Sombria released an unique and powerful cover of Schiller’s Tired

Melancholic metal band Sombria released a new single and music video. The track is a cover of Schiller’s Tired which is found on their Sehnsucht album.

Watch Tired music video:

The band comments:
“Tired is a unique and very powerful song originally created by Schiller, containing a dramatic and deeply emotional background. This is what we had in mind working on this song. Having a big respect towards Schiller’s music, we decided to bring this piece closer to our music genre, emphasizing the melancholy and the hidden ‘’sorrow’’ that surrounds it.

Also, we took the opportunity to add our own message through the music video, highlighting the sensation of agony and despair that so many of us meticulously hide for all kind of reasons. Our identity is our most sacred strength in life, it’s a shell hiding our self-esteem, individuality and qualities that is the reason we need to protect it, feel proud and flaunt it!

This video is dedicated to all the unique souls that feel oppressed and frightened to express themselves freely.”

Listen to Tired on:
Apple Music: 

Sombria is a dark / melancholic metal project which has been formed by singer/songwriter Dimi De San who comes under the name ‘’Valentina Devin’’ and guitarist/composer ’Raven Seven’’. The band has an international line-up featuring members from Norway, Greece & Mexico. Their critically acclaimed debut album Chirographon Dei was released on late 2020 by Finnish record label Inverse Records.  

Listen to the Chirographon Dei album on:

Apple Music: 
Order Chirographon Dei CD: 
 Watch Sombria’s earlier released music videos:
Sarcophagus of Roses:
Voyage Into Lethe: 
Ballet of Sadness: 

Line-up on Tired:

All vocals By Dimi De San
All guitars and bass by Raven Seven
Drums by Winter Cain 


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