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Steegmoord – ‘Steegmoord’

Independent Release
Mastodon, Opeth, In Flames and Dorje
Release Date
January 29, 2021
Independent Release
Melodic Metal

Belgian multi-instrumentalist, Maarten Doumen, is no stranger to pushing boundaries. He spent several years playing with melodic metal/metalcore acts Six o’ Five and Stranger Dimensions. Now, recording and performing under the moniker Steegmoord, he offers up six instrumental tracks of Metal mayhem.

A few parts Heavy and Prog Metal, a tad of Industrial, a smattering of Stoner and Doom, and just the right amount of what I have termed “Death ‘n’ Roll.” If there is one constant thread, it is melody. Tons and tons of melody, which makes sense given his previous work. The guitars are multi-tracked perfectly. In one instance there are harsh, yet beautiful ringing tones, that suddenly whip into Metalcore territory and then back again.

In a span of only four to six minutes, Steegmoord manages to create a vivid soundscape. He employs a variety of time signatures, a nice blend of clean and dirty tones, plenty of melody/countermelody, along with some seriously impressive drum work. Steegmoord paints from a palette of many colors, then adds textures ad infinitum. I would be interested in what your mind sees as compared to mine. ‘Tis one of the beauties of art, after all.

Reportedly, this project resulted from years of unfinished music. Thankfully, it has been fleshed out, and now sees the light of day. He plans on following this with a full album; I look forward to what boundaries he chooses to push next.

Steegmoord paints from a palette of many colors

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