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Kardashev – ‘The Baring of Shadows’ EP (Reissue)

Metal Blade Records
The Contortionist, Rivers of Nihil, Devin Townsend, Alcest
Release Date
May 7, 2021
Metal Blade Records

                Formed in 2012, Kardashev have been forging their own path by melding many different genres together to form what they have began to call ‘deathgaze’. Last year, the band released their third EP ‘The Baring of Shadows’ and now, that EP is getting a reissue courtesy of Metal Blade Records.

                ‘The Baring…’ was very warmly received last year by fans and critics and its blending of genres was more than enough to impress the passing metalhead with its curious sound; but what does a reissue of this EP offer that last years didn’t already? Well, first off, being tied to Metal Blade gives this EP access to much larger demographic with a fantastic distribution allowing many more metalheads baying for new music to hear this interesting mix. Furthermore, what else is available here is ‘The Baring…’ in its instrumental format that allows the listener to hear every instrument and the intense amount of work that has gone into this album and the dynamics that ooze from the instrumentation without intrusion from the vocals. However, these instrumental additions only really appeal to a minority of listeners with a large proportion of those listening being almost entirely focused on the first half of the EP.

                It is good to have ‘The Baring…’ available on a large scale distribution; the instrumental versions don’t really add anything to an already excellent EP. If by chance you already own this EP, the added incentive doesn’t make it worthwhile to purchase again; but for those fresh faced, it is worth every penny.

It is good to have this EP available on a large scale distribution

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