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Beleth – Signs With WormHoleDeath Records

BELETH are an extreme metal band hailing from the east coasts of Australia. 
FFO: Carcass, Kataklysm, Lamb Of God
Their music delivers a dark, heavy, driving punch, with an element of groove, catchy riffs, and ferocious, guttural vocals. BELETH are set to release their debut album titled Silent Genesis, on Friday June 25th, through Wormholedeath Records, Narcoleptica Productions and Scorched Earth Records, as both CD and digital download. The album will be distributed across Australia, USA, Europe and Japan through Wormholedeath’s affiliation with Aural Music Group (AMG) and Orchard Music Inc. (Sony Music).
The intro / opening track off the album titled Thirteenth Spirit / Silent Genesis, was pre-released at the end of 2020. Since its release, BELETH have been receiving enormous positive feedback and a continual expanding fanbase. This is reflective in the 1000+ streams from over 30 different countries, on Spotify alone, in just the first month of its release. 

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