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Jo Below – ‘No Control’ EP

Inverse Records
Devil I Know, Halestorm, Saint Jude, Bon Jovi
Release Date
April 16, 2021
Inverse Records
Hard Rock

Cutting their teeth in Finnish hard rockers Devil I Know before splitting up, its members have only spent a limited time away from the fold before returning with a new band and set up as Jo Below quickly delivered their debut EP ‘By the Rules’ and now like a one-two punch, following it with their sophomore EP ‘No Control’.

                As a band, these guys know what they’re doing, they know what they’re good at and how to achieve their sound. It is actually no surprise that with ‘No Control’, Jo Below stick well within the remit of Devil I Know and their previous EP and therefore any fans of the previous band will lovingly enjoy this modern sounding hard rock with a vintage sound that harks back to a classic rock era. The listener will find endless melodies here, dripping with hooks and catchy beats that is all backed up through the soulful crooning voice of Johanna Kari who has all the deep appeal of Christine McVie, Bonnie Raitt and even Lynne Jackaman. However, to focus upon the vocals alone will debase this whole EP as a unit as a modern guitar sound touches base with the likes of big name North American hard rock such as post-2000 Bon Jovi as well as Nickelback and even Halestorm as tracks such as ‘I Confess’, ‘Ms Death’ and the title track are guaranteed to have the listener humming for hours.

                Yeah sure, there isn’t anything here that already hasn’t been done before, but with ‘No Control’, Jo Below take this sound and own it. If you like the sound of modern hard rock then keep your eyes posted on Jo Below, they may just be the next big thing.

Jo Below take this sound and own it

Come on in!

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