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Deadwolff – ‘Deadwolff’ EP

Metal Assault Records
Motörhead, AC/DC, Iggy Pop, Enforcer, Haunt, Traveler
Release Date
May 7, 2021
Metal Assault Records
Heavy Metal

The ground quaked ever so slightly when Deadwolff picked up their guitars for the first time. Since then, the Canadian three-piece have digitally released their eponymous debut EP, but now it is finally getting a physical release courtesy of Metal Assault Records.

                “there has been no good rock music since 1990” decrees the aged rocker with his rose tinted glasses and the musical equivalent xenophobia. How very wrong he is. Deadwolff howls into life with a classic hard rock and heavy metal sound that has a contemporary sound with a vintage feel and at first listen it might be difficult to believe that this album was not released in 1979. Tracks like ‘Pedal to the Metal’ and ‘Six to Midnight’ roar with bestial vigour and a driving sound that is almost impossible to ignore whilst ‘Walking on Nails’ pulls up enough dirty garage punk energy to convince anyone that this could be a lost Stooges track. ‘Deadwolff’ is an EP that this trio have poured their blood, sweat and tears into and this raw passion and integrity oozes from every note.

There is nothing here that any rock or metal fan won’t be familiar with and this EP does worship at the altar of the likes of Motörhead, AC/DC and Iggy, but there’s nothing wrong with that and ‘Deadwolff’ does a pretty damned good job. However, can the band do this over a full length studio album? Hurry up and don’t keep us waiting.

This EP worships at the altar of Motörhead, AC/DC and Iggy

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