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Bernth – ‘Elevation’

Bernth Productions
Buckethead, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai
Release Date
May 14, 2021
Bernth Productions
Instrumental Metal

To call Austrian-born guitarist Bernth Brodträger multi-faceted is just a bit of an understatement. He has worked with the likes of Belphegor, Seiler und Speer, CueStack, and David Hasselhoff. All these collaborations are worth seeking out. Oh, and he has one of the fastest-growing guitar instruction channels out there. So, when he decided to unleash an instrumental album…let’s just say the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” comes to mind. “Elevation” is a bombastic journey full of Neo-classical arpeggios, a bit of electronica, blazing speed, and Spanish flare, and that’s just track one.

Additionally, we are treated to dazzling shred work, hooks inside of more hooks, and breathtaking arrangements. At times, (to my ear), Bernth’s picking style is reminiscent of Bettencourt, while his phrasing is in league with Buckethead. Echoes of Jason Becker can also be heard, and each note is well articulated. You will hear other’s influence, but make no mistake, this album is 100% Bernth. There are brief moments when it is all a bit too much, almost to the level of being a cacophony. Just because you can play all the modes at once, does not mean you should. But I am a mere mortal and could be wrong.

Reportedly, he recorded (and scrapped) an entire album because it “wasn’t good enough” (rolls eyes.) So, Bernth came up with this work of art instead. I bet, if we asked him nicely, we could find the scrapped album.

This album is amazing on many fronts and absolutely a guitarist’s dream. It requires several listens to hear it all. Not a bad problem to have, really.

a guitarist’s dream

Come on in!

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