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Kings Winter – ‘Edge of Existence’

Independent Release
We Are the Catalyst, Delain, Kalidia
Release Date
May 1, 2021
Independent Release
Melodic Metal

News flash: There is a glut of Melodic Metal out there. Death and Black and Progressive, oh my. Do we need another one? The answer is…maybe just one more. And that band is Kings Winter. This husband-and-wife team from Königswinter, Germany (thus their name,) delivers Metal that is earnest and powerful. With plenty of great riffs, tasteful solos, and plenty of swagger from Tobias Dahs combined with the lovely vocals of Jule Dals, they are on the precipice of something wonderful.

Tobias’ playing is spirited, with beautifully sustained tones and just the right smattering of pyrotechnics.  Light and sincere, Jule’s vocals are perfectly suited for their music. Sometimes lilting, sometimes gruff, her voice is exactly what it needs to be. Lyrics are insightful, intelligent, and thought-provoking.

Their influences are well displayed, a little too much perhaps. There were brief moments when I thought I was listening to Delain or a brief Theatre of Tragedy intro and there are more than a few nods to Mick Mars as well. Once they fine-tune things, I suspect they will find great success.

Standouts: “The Next In Line.” A passionate power ballad inspired by the killing of George Floyd, it deals with racism and inequality in modern society. A powerful song that is this week’s earworm…and that’s okay.

“Discard the Ashes” is a driving rocker full of piercing fretboard fire and ends with a sudden uptick in Jule’s register. Where was that on the rest of the album? More, please!

All in all, a strong offering; I look forward to watching them progress.  In the meantime, Königswinter has something to be very proud of.

a strong offering

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