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Spirit Mother – ‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ Vol. 3

Heavy Psyche Sounds Records
Earthless, Nebula, Electric Wizard
Release Date
June 11, 2021
Heavy Psyche Sounds Records

Offering an excellent Stoner/Psychedelia vibe, Spirit Mother brings deliciously distorted bass and guitar, in-the-pocket drumming, and mesmerizing violin from a young lady known simply as SJ. Gravelly, sometimes strained, vocals from bassist Armand Lance balance everything nicely. There is no real star here, no guitar pyrotechnics, no “deep” lyrics (depending on the state of mind,) just a well-oiled machine, greater than the sum of its parts.

Their songs sway and groove and transport, just like they are supposed to. SJ’s violin rarely stops, constantly adding another haunting voice to the mix.

Standouts: “Tonic (Exodus Inc)” with its quasi-Middle Eastern violin intro giving way to a trudging slow burn. An immensely captivating song to start the show. “Dead Cells” features SJ on co-lead vocals, plus her ever-present violin and “My Head Is Sinking,” again with the permeating violin is almost reminiscent of 90s Grunge a la Screaming Trees.

I changed my mind; there is a star here and her name is SJ. The more I listen, the more indispensable her violin becomes. Good basic Stoner tunes, ideal for the Mojave…or whatever desert you care to call your own.

Good basic Stoner tunes

Come on in!

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