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Revisionist – ‘The Emptiness of Gravity’

Independent Release
Hatebreed, Snapcase, Every Time I Die
Release Date
May 21, 2021
Independent Release

This outfit from Wichita, Kansas is seriously pissed off. I can only venture to guess why. From what I’ve seen, Kansas is a perfectly nice state to live in. Fortunately, they have taken their anger and channelled it through this well-recorded and articulate EP. The guitars rage, the rhythm is relentless and the vocals…what can I say? Eric Martin is a man possessed. His delivery at times (to me) almost doesn’t synch up with the music. He is in his own headspace and is as real and raw as it gets. Capturing the emotion on this level is undoubtedly quite daunting. Kudos to all those in the studio.

Standouts: “Deathbed King.” Martin’s bellows, the shouted and melodic vocals, the pummelling instrumentation; all culminate into violent perfection. Either that or the last twenty seconds of “Panic Burn.” I can’t decide.

“Half Moon” nicely juxtaposes Martin’s wails with clean vocals. It is ugly and beautiful in all the right places. Other songs do this as well, but this song is particularly effective.

Revisionist is clearly influenced by others, but their immediacy and sense of self is quite arresting and worthy of your attention. If anyone knows what is up with Kansas, let me know.

as real and raw as it gets

Come on in!

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