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Formed in 2019 in Casper, Wyoming, The Band Repent is quickly establishing itself. Their name may be a bit misleading, as evidenced by a band member’s recent (paraphrased) quote, ‘We’re not sorry for anything!” Gotta love the attitude and the music as well. They only have two songs currently; quite frankly, I can’t wait to hear more. Their EP “Written In Blood” is due soon. Metal Digest had a chance to ask them a few questions. We wish them all the best.


Congratulations on your upcoming release. I’ve listened to lead singles “War” and “1000 Years” numerous times. Please tell me the rest of the songs are this great. What else can we expect?

Thank you very much we really appreciate that!!! WAR is actually set but 1,000 YEARS has gone through a complete overhaul. When we recorded that song it was just Shawn and Jeremy. We were very inexperienced in the studio as well. But we just wanted one song out. Since we acquired Joe Rodriguez, the band now handles all of our own tracking and mixing. So we’re in the studio about half the time now. Plus, we’ve added guitarist Steve Thomas who immediately wrote lead riffs over all of our songs. So 1,000 YEARS is actually a brand new song that we will be adding to the EP.

You formed not that long ago but have quickly become a very cohesive unit. Did you have a specific vision in mind or has just been a happy accident?

That was all planned from the very beginning. We remained laser-focused since day one about this, and now, 2 years into it, we’re starting to get some really good opportunities so it’s starting to show some success.. there’s still a lot of work left to do.

I would like to visit your song “War.” This is not your typical Thrash song. It is multi-layered and has a fair degree of complexity. Honestly, it is the work of a more experienced band. Then I found out it was written in 1999, dealing with mental warfare. Tell us about this remarkable song.

Many thanks for the kind words!!! Yes, this song is actually older than Shawn. Jeremy had all the arrangements and lyrics for it, but the band really helped finish it with the additional guitars, bass, and drums. He had never played that song in a band setting before anyways so he was basically the only person on Earth who even knew that that song existed until he met the rest of the band. It’s true it was written about mental warfare but it also has a physical warfare side to it as well.. as a window to what someone would actually feel inside when they’re struggling mentally.

The song “1000 Years” contains a lot of unsettling religious imagery, all told in first person. What is the story behind this?

It’s unsettling because it’s about the day they let Satan out of the bottomless pit, after a 1,000 year sentence, to wage war on mankind. The Story is told through his eyes as they’re bringing him back to the surface by the chain that is around his neck.

Wyoming does not exactly conjure images of Heavy Metal, but I understand that is changing. How is the Metal scene there? How is the music scene overall? Any thoughts on relocating?

We’re here!!! We’re always booked in our hometown. We’ve got offers to go to both the East and West coasts. But we’ll always call Casper home. I would say the music scene here is more accustomed to country and acoustic acts, they seem to get the main draw, so the metal and punk scene has to basically support itself. But we do have some solid venues here that we work with and they do a good job. Branching out is always on our minds we’re close to Denver so that’s a plus!!!

I am what you called “seasoned” in the Metal world. Pretty much seen it all. What do you bring to the table that will make older folks stand up and take notice?

We’re not really changing anything from what’s already established, that’s actually why we do this. It’s pretty difficult when your band reaches a point of deciding ‘hey, this is real.. and we have a ton of money and time invested, and people are watching us’ .. your band can either fold or hit the gas pedal.. that’s a unanimous decision that we all had to make.. it involves sacrificing a lot of things, and remaining true to the goals, but the look we get from people’s faces when we play live is what makes this all worth it.

I am in Denver. Hopefully, you will make it down this way. What can I expect from your shows? And can you give a deal on some T-shirts?

Denver is right down the street from us. We have a few shows booked there in June and one in Pueblo as well, we’ll have that info coming soon. As for our live show? Bring your own body bag there are no survivors.

We thank you for your time and wish you all the best. Any parting words for our readers?

Hey, thank YOU very much METAL DIGEST!!! The review that you gave us was one of the best that we’ve ever had!

We’re very appreciative of your kind words! We’re truly grateful for everyone that’s taken the time to listen to us, we truly love you all thank you so much! GO SUPPORT THE LOCAL BANDS IN YOUR HOMETOWN!!!

Jeremy Amack: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Shawn Hill:         Drums

Joe Rodriguez:   Bass

Steve Thomas:  Lead Guitar

Craig Obert

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