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Woe Unto Me – ‘Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck’

BadMoonMan Music
Ahab, Shape of Despair, Aeonian Sorrow
Release Date
March 12, 2021
BadMoonMan Music
Funeral Doom Metal

A bell tolls slowly and the rain pours down miserably as six figures forlornly walk beside a funeral cortege. This is the procession for Woe unto Me (WuM) as the Belarusian band deliver their latest EP ‘Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck’.

                Ever the happy souls, WuM set their sound out with their debut (2014) and sophomore (2017) albums and with everything that has been going on in the world with a global pandemic, there is no better time for ‘Spiral…’ to be delivered. Unlike their previous works which featured the clean vocals of Oleg Vorontsov, ‘Spiral…’ heralds the introduction of Igor Kovalev who takes up the mantle like a duck to water. Musically, this does mean that there is a continuation of the previous sound as well-produced funeral doom tones echo across the landscape bringing all the fanfare of Ahab, Shape of Despair and Aeonian Sorrow. However, for an EP, ‘Spiral…’ is longer than a requiem mass; clocking in at just over half an hour, this feels more like a commitment to an album than a flash in the pan EP. This does mean that the EP does begin to drag ever so slowly and although there is some work which is more than decent, it can feel like a slog.

                Fans of funeral doom are bound to enjoy this and although it probably doesn’t have much scope outside of this, if you are looking for an EP that makes your buck seem worthwhile, then this is it.

Fans of funeral doom are bound to enjoy this

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