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The Medea Project – ‘Southern Echoes’

Independent Release
Type O Negative, Tiamat, Lake of Tears
Release Date
April 9, 2021
Independent Release
Gothic Doom Metal

Hailing from Africa; destination the deepest, darkest undergrounds of South Africa, The Medea Project (TMP) was formed by the duo Brett Minnie and Pauline Silver and keeps that creative melting pot of the underground alive with the release of their sophomore EP ‘Southern Echoes’.

                Drawing upon their primal energy, ‘Southern Echoes’ is a raw slab of metal that is full of creative honest integrity of a band fighting in the trenches. This is an EP that is so raw that it is still wriggling with heavy downstroke guitars and primordial drumming driving ‘Southern Echoes’ forward with all the colossal weight of a stampeding brontosaurus. This is all backed up through some heartfelt vocals which bleed every note as the music is cleaved in two by the piercing feedback that is so often sadly sanitised from many recordings. With all this in mind, this means that ‘Southern Echoes’ has all the appeal of early Type O Negative, Tiamat and Lake of Tears as dark, doom overtones which hum with the throb of an African city at night juxtapose against the stoic undertones of European Gothic metal on tracks such as ‘Babylon’, ‘Fear’ and ‘Desert Song’.

                ‘Southern Echoes’ is an album which hits the nail pretty hard on the head. It is dark, brooding and fits perfectly within its remit, it may lack a certain je ne sais quoi, but it doesn’t do is lack passion, drive and ambition.

it doesn’t lack passion, drive or ambition

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