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Temtris – ‘Ritual Warfare’

WormHoleDeath Records
Judas Priest, Warlock, Doro
Release Date
April 30, 2021
WormHoleDeath Records
Heavy Metal

Temtris have been sallying forth from Australia with their brand of heavy metal for just over 20 years now and after a warm reception to their last album ‘Rapture’, Temtris are back with their sixth studio album ‘Ritual Warfare’.

                ‘Ritual Warfare’ is an album which hammers out a classic heavy metal sound; this is an album which contains a driving rhythm section with all the pounding pistons of a chopper on a long desert road as well as flurries excellent twin guitar harmonies that not only request, but demand synchronised head banging. This is all led by the Valkyrie vocals of Genevieve Rodda whose powerful voice provides memorable chorus’ and sweeping melodies as tracks such as ‘Seven Sins of All’, ‘Always United’ and ‘Race to the End’ have all the anthemic leather clad fist pumping of the likes of Judas Priest as well as Warlock and Doro. However, this is a well-trodden road and the dirt has been baked hard, there is nothing here that heavy metal fans will not have heard before, but why does something have to boundary push constantly? ‘Ritual Warfare’ is decent at what it does and accomplishes it with ease.

                If you are the sort of person who likes classic metal but with a contemporary edge, then ‘Ritual Warfare’ is for you. It is nothing spectacular, but it is solid and it is decent. What more can you want?

classic metal but with a contemporary edge

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