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Ereb Altor – ‘Eldens Boning’ EP

Hammerheart Records
Bathory, Falkenbach, Primordial, Enslaved
Release Date
May 7, 2021
Hammerheart Records
Black Metal

                In their near 20-year career, Ereb Altor have scored a stream of warmly received albums that have earned them the favour of critics and fans alike worldwide. Much like their 2008-14 run, Ereb Altor cap off their latest stretch of albums with a brand-new EP entitled ‘Eldens Boning’.

                 Throughout their career, the Swedes have moved away from an epic doom sound and one that resembles something much darker that would appeal to fans of old-school Swedish black metal. In true ode to this, ‘Eldens Boning’ combines those thrashing riffs with Norse imagery and lyrics; whether this is driving at full speed such as ‘The Twilight Ship’ or something a little more serenely calm and atmospheric such as ‘Fenrisulven’, this EP never loses site of its original sound and purpose. Yes, it is hard to deny that there is some serious Bathory worship here with any fan of ‘Blood Fire Death’ and ‘Under the Sign of the Black Mark’ having all their wishes fulfilled right here. Yet, this EP isn’t all about becoming another Bathory clone, there is plenty here that has the guts and guile of Falkenbach, Primordial and early Enslaved as well as easily pushing beyond these influences by taking flight and delivering their own sound on their own accord.

                ‘Eldens Boning’ is a decent sample of what is to come from Ereb Altor, it won’t break any boundaries, but it is solid and another prime example of this bands hard work.

‘Eldens Boning’ is a decent sample of what is to come from Ereb Altor

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