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Confessions of a Metalhead | Iron Maiden – ‘The Wicker Man’ Single

I became a fan of Iron Maiden after becoming enamoured with the artwork for the ‘Best of the Beast’ album back in the 90s. I would sit for hours playing and replaying the album whilst lay on my bed staring at the CD inlay’s artwork. When I read in Kerrang! That Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith were returning to Iron Maiden AND Janick Gers was staying, my prayers to the gods of heavy metal had been answered.

Imagine my little beardless teenage face when I heard ‘The Wicker Man’ single for the first time, short, sharp and punchy, even if the riff is a little bit like ‘Running Wild’ from Judas Priest.

My hair was not overly long in this period, so I did the only thing that any young teenage metalhead could do, I styled it like Bruce because I was cool as fuck.

Next, I badgered my mum for a denim jacket, one that wasn’t expensive… I had a plan in mind. The horror on my mums face upon receiving the denim jacket as I proceeded to tear the sleeves off and fray the cut marks; I was the coolest kid on the block with my Bruce haircut and jacket (no, no I wasn’t, this was the height of nu-metal and I was VERY uncool).

I’m writing this on the 8th of May (go on, sing it in Lemmy’s voice!) and today marks 21 years since ‘The Wicker Man’ single was released. It, therefore, makes me think that there is no more apt time for me to get misty eyed and feel the passage of time under my feet. I never understood the bouncing white balls in that music video, it reminded me oddly of the TV show ‘The Prisoner’ (WE WANT INFORMATION!) but in reality, every time we have a bonfire and I pick out a flaming piece of wood, I always think of myself as Bruce in ‘The Wicker Man’ music video.

I still love ‘Brave New World’, yeah, a lot of the songs are a little longer than they need to be and it might not be the Holy Grail that a lot of metal fans consider it to be, but just seeing anything from it transports me back to those days.

As for the jacket…

Yes, I still own it.

Adam MacCann

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