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A chat with Bala

BALA (Spanish for bullet) is comprised of two ladies from Galacia, Spain, Anxela Baltar (vocals, guitars) and Violeta Mosquera (vocals, drums.) That’s it. Anything more would be too much. Think The Pack, A.D, Black Keys, or maybe White Stripes, but ready to kick your ass at a moment’s notice. And leave you asking for more. They have released two albums since forming in 2013, with a third, “Maleza” being released on Century Media on May 14. Their sound is raw, real, and unapologetic. Just as it should be. Ladies…

                                                                 WELCOME TO METAL DIGEST! 

You are the second Spanish band I have interviewed this month. What is going on over there? How is the music scene and the Metal scene specifically?

We don´t know! We have great musicians over here, the music scene is great – at least before Covid -. There are great metal bands too! We are lucky to have so many influences around us…

Congratulations on “Maleza.” It sounds amazing. Seriously, this is something I would buy. Please tell everyone else what they can expect and why you may be their next favorite band.

‘Maleza’ is a short, sharp, and aggressive album that leads you from the darkness to the light in a noisy trip between stoner, hardcore, grunge, punk, and metal. If you like feeling your ears bleeding while you shake your head…then give us a try!

“Maleza” is your first album with Century Media.  How has this pairing affected the band, if at all?

We´re never dreamed about something like this. We were looking for an international label, to put our music one step further, and when the Century Media offer arrived we were really excited. The album was recorded already, so it didn’t affect us in that way. We are so freaking happy about being a part of this great family and we can’t wait to start touring and taking our music around the globe!

 On your website, it says you got together for the “sole purpose of having fun, playing at a very high volume and screaming together,” which is awesome. How did you get together exactly? Any stories to share?

We knew each other from other bands we had. At that time (7 years ago) in Galicia, there were very few girls playing so when we met in a show playing with different projects we talked about doing something together. When we started talking deeper about it and we started to share our influences we said, “Hey!! this is gonna be fun!! let’s do this!!”

Your first release “Human Flesh,” is performed in English, “Maleza” is largely en español. “Lume” Has a mixture of both languages AND a song in Galacian. Please tell us about this song and can we expect any other songs in Galacian?

We have another song in Galician in Maleza, called Rituais. We love our roots and we think it’s important to take care of and preserve our culture: that’s why we make songs in Galician. It’s A beautiful language and sadly not very common among young people, so we wanted to contribute with our grain of sand to make this change.

Excellent job covering Smashing Pumpkin’s tune “Bodies.” What made you choose this song? Any other covers in the works?

We love doing covers. We usually play a cover song at the end of our shows. We have covered songs from Nirvana, Kyuss, Melvins, Babes in Toyland…we wanted to make a tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins so we called a few friends (Laura from Grima and Olalla from Khmer) to record it and have some fun.

As usual, I have to ask, if I were to visit Spain, what is the one thing I have to see?

Galicia! Without a doubt! The north coast, Rias Baixas, try our food and enjoy the landscapes. We have awesome bands here too! So…what else do you need?

We thank you for your time and wish you all the best. Any parting words for our readers?

Thank you so much for your time! We can’t wait to meet you at any live show. Let’s hope this pandemic ends soon and see you banging your heads and jumping in some mosh pit!! Take care!

Line Up:

Anxela Baltar (vocals, guitars)

Violeta Mosquera (vocals, drums).

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