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Nesbitt – ‘Nesbitt Demos’

Independent Release
Amon Amarth, Obituary, Asyphx
Release Date
April 30, 2021
Independent Release
Death Metal

Hailing from central Kentucky, United States, Nesbitt is a one-man project from Johnathan Nesbitt.  Started in 2019, Jonathan wrote and recorded two albums under Nesbitt and two albums under Nesbitt Instrumentals. He also recorded an acoustic album under Nesbitt Acoustic. His latest offering is a collection of demos that range from straightforward Black Metal fare to dare I say, “catchy.”

 Recorded in low-tech fashion (the nature of Black Metal and demos alike,) the drums and bass are quite low and muffled in the mix, perhaps by design. Guitars are typical buzzsaw in nature and the songs generally stick the same tempo. Vocally, Nesbitt brings a standard Black Metal airy growl.  Honestly, not much to grab the attention, but in the light of a more advanced career for Nesbitt, who knows?

The last two tracks, “Gods Among Us” and “Internal Prison” sound as if they were recorded with louder recording levels and there is decidedly more bass presence and clarity.

Of note, he does have some lovely acoustic recordings out there as well as some instrumental playthroughs. If they were integrated with this set of demos, who knows?

in the light of a more advanced career for Nesbitt, who knows?

Come on in!

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