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Yarimā – ‘The Strings of Fate’

Love Anarchy Co
Issa, Infinite & Divine, Secret Sphere, Phantom Elite
Release Date
April 30, 2021
Love Anarchy Co
Oriental Fantasy Metal

It can be really hard to keep up with subgenres at times, there are explosive periods when new ideas spring up as they blend heavy metal with an ever growing array of universes. One such artist is Yarimā who is splicing fantasy themes with an oriental flavour on her debut album ‘The Strings of Fate’.

                As anyone would guess, an album which puts any oriental themes into music means that ‘The Strings of Fate’ is an album that is heavy on melody. Therefore, this is at the core of everything that Yarimā does, it is delivered through the integrity and respect needed to give these melodies the centre stage. Unlike a lot of oriental ideas which rely heavily upon ‘kawaii’, ‘OwO’ or an overload on cuteness, ‘The Strings of Fate’ is much more expansive as Yarimā’s voice ethereally flutters through tracks such as ‘Be the Dragon’, ‘My Reality’ and the absolutely beautiful ‘Like a Flower Petal’. All this is summed up in a wonderful replayable production that implores the listener to continue to explore this concept and before knowing, you will find yourself wrapped up in the Dima Faewarian and the lands of the Eyvarla Kingdom.

                ‘The Strings of Fate’ may lack a certain heaviness for a selection of heavy metal fans; but there is a calm, serene nature to these folk melodies that allows a peaceful listen after a long, hard day and it will be interesting to see where Yarimā goes from here.

there is a calm, serene nature to these folk melodies

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