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Earthless – ‘Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 1’

Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Nebula, Stoner, Dead Meadow, Colour Haze
Release Date
April 2, 2021
Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Live in the Mojave Desert is a five-part series from Heavy Psyche Records, which was inspired by Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii. It showcases some of Stoner Metal’s finest artists, all of them turning in stellar mind-melting performances. Recorded straight to the soundboard, the sound quality is impeccable. No hallucinogens were spared (I mean used) while listening to these albums.

First up was San Diego’s Earthless, a power trio if there ever was one. An instrumental jam band lover’s dream. This is Stoner Boogie (I think I just coined a term) at its best. Conjuring the bangers, the twirlers, the naked dancers in the rain, Earthless ushered in the very essence of the festival. Only three tracks on the album?! Yes, but they range from “long to really long” in length and are so multi-layered, there isn’t a dull moment. Take it from Mr. A.D.D. himself.

Earthless opened (and could have closed) with “Violence of the Red Sea”, a hard-edged Stoner Boogie (see, I did coin a term) number filled with fuzz and wah and attitude. They followed with, from their debut album, “Sonic Prayer,” a sprawling twenty-minute piece that will satisfy the staunchest of jam band fans. Lastly, “Lost In The Cold Sun,” an at times Middle Eastern-flavored opus that stayed largely in a more traditional Stoner vibe. Slower in tempo, swelling riffs balanced with stellar lead work. Even at almost forty minutes in length, I found myself wanting more.

There was no star of the show. Each instrument is equally represented perfectly. The sum of its parts indeed. Now I get to check out four more shows. Jealous, aren’t you?

Each instrument is equally represented perfectly

Come on in!

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