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Bala – ‘Maleza’

Century Media Records
Nirvana, Melvins, L7
Release Date
May 14, 2021
Century Media Records
Grunge/Stoner Rock

BALA (Spanish for bullet) is comprised of two ladies from Galacia, Spain, Anxela Baltar (vocals, guitars) and Violeta Mosquera (vocals, drums.) They got together for “the sole purpose of having fun, playing at a very high volume and screaming together.” “Maleza” shows they have achieved that goal and then some. Part Grunge, part Punk, part Stoner, and ALL attitude, BALA employs massively overdriven guitar, berating drum work, and impassioned vocals from both Baltar and Mosquera, all to magnificent effect.

Starting the album with a brief spoken-word intro, “Maleza” grabs you by the throat, throttles you for twenty-four minutes, and throws you to the ground wondering, “what the hell was that!?”

Songs like “Cien Obstaculos” and “Rituais” are loaded with swagger, groove, and dare I say, are “danceable?” Don’t judge.

Others like “Agitar” are just outright crushers, demanding to be cranked.

“Quieres Entrar” is immensely powerful with an ominous tone. The aching bellows sound disturbingly authentic to me.

“Maleza” is thoroughly enjoyable. BALA’s music is raw, earnest, and genuinely cathartic. However, you see it, you can’t play this loud enough.

raw, earnest, and genuinely cathartic

Come on in!

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