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Behind the Horror. How to Host a Metal Podcast

The Brazilian power duo, Behind the Horror, is based in New Jersey and have just released a new podcast as an ongoing strategy to provide quality content for their fan base and local metal community. The two brothers Gabriel and Lucas Alves moved to New Jersey four years ago, from Goiás, Anápolis, in Central Brazil, in pursuit of their metal dream – to find a better place to grow as a band and as musicians. They have since rented a studio that they had to let go because of Covid restrictions, and as such have invested their energies in producing digital content to provide entertainment and diversified content to their fans during these harsh times.

“Behind The Horror Podcast” is their new experience with digital content, where they will go through their old photos, videos and songs, to share with their community the story that brought them all the way from the legendary Morro da Capuava to their newfound home in New Jersey.

This podcast comes five months after their debut release, “Burn Up This Truth”, a face-melting EP that explores influences that range from Slayer and Metallica to more contemporary experiences in the metal aesthetic, available to listen to on their online platforms. The Behind the Horror podcast will be released monthly across platforms like YouTube and Spotify, and each episode will be filled with stories that span 14 years of metal and growth.

Metal Digest had a chat with them to figure out what’s the secret into hosting a successful metal podcast.


Hi! Gabriel here! First thank you guys for always supporting us! 

We just got started in this new fever of content that is the podcasts. We are big-time consumers and fans of podcasts so we spent a lot of time listening and observing how the podcasts that we listen to are made. Turns out it’s not that easy as it looks and at the same time IT IS that easy haha

It’s not that easy because it takes some time to learn how to record, edit and distribute the content, but once you get everything set up, the podcast is one of the easiest (and fun) kinds of content to create.


How do you prepare for a monthly metal podcast? Do you plan ahead or you just go with the flow?

How do you choose a topic and come up with a concept?

We got tons of plans!

There are many formats of podcasts and we’re going with something like Rec/Chat/Edit. We spend some time thinking of what good story or subject would be interesting to talk about. Our initial theme was making a podcast telling the stories that our new fans didn’t get the chance to live with, so we have a chronological idea of what we’re gonna talk and show. So after that, we hit rec, crack some beers, chat and have fun. 


What kind of equipment do you use to record the podcast? 

Can you scrape by with a bare minimum setup?

To record the videos were using a canon t6i, one mic shure smb1, and a  2 channels scarlett audio interface. But we’re using this setup because we already had it for our recordings, the good thing about the podcast is that you need just a phone, some sort of mic for your phone and that’s it, you got a podcast machine.


Do you get anxious before you press the record button?

How do you overcome that?

Actually not, but this came from hours of practice in front of the crowd, so my advice is if you’re feeling anxious, record it anxiously, but record it, watch it, edit it and put it out, and then once you repeat the process guess what? You’ll be feeling more confident because you get the first one done and it goes on and on.

How does the process feel like?

Do you feel like you’re talking to a live audience?

The most difficult part is to set up a time to meet my brother haha So far we’re trying to keep the process very simple so we can’t make any excuses to procrastinate on the project haha

What makes a good podcast?

I think you need a good and clear audio capture, the content creates itself, but you need to be listenable.


If you could have anyone in the world to co-host the podcast, who would you choose?

I would choose my brother hehe

And if you could have any guest, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Definitely Chuck Schuldiner.


How do you distribute and promote the podcast?

In all our channels across the internet and also we always have great people working with us on PR.

Is it important to build an email list?

It’s very important if you know what to do with one, otherwise I think it’s better to spend your energy and resources in content creation and leave the PR job for the PR guys

How do you reach new audiences besides your existing fan base?

One word: INTERACT

Go to facebook groups, talk to people about your projects, engage with people on twitter, BE ACTIVE and people will notice you.



Let’s make it simple

We want to know 3 things that you should and 3 that you shouldn’t do on a metal podcast.


1.Youtube research

2.Get a mic

3.Hit Rec




3.Dm links to people without asking first

 Thank you again for the opportunity to talk about our projects, and I hope I brought some value to the readers.

The video can be viewed here:

Connect with Behind The Horror:






Until we meet again,


Come on in!

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