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The Boogie Pop Assassin – ‘Tears of Gasoline’ EP

Independent Release
Steppenwolf, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, Ted Nugent, James Gang
Release Date
April 9, 2021
Independent Release
Hard Rock

                Who is that masked avenger of classic rock? The one they call The Boogie Pop Assassin? Who knows? Their masquerade is so resolute that their identity is shrouded in the anonymity of a band unknown to the world as the Michigan group deliver their ‘Tears of Gasoline’ EP to the world.

                The Boogie Pop Assassin (TBPA) are a band steeped in a vintage classic hard rock vibe and they are rockin’ the gas guzzlin’, beer swillin’ and gun blazin’ sound of the American 70’s. To this band, Sonny and Cher are still together, flares are fashionable and an end to the Vietnam War is just a pipe dream;  but there is a big fat guitar tone here that would make any fan of the likes of Steppenwolf, the Alice Cooper Band and Grand Funk Railroad squeal with delight. Lyrically, it is difficult to tell whether TBPA are delivering something tongue-in-cheek with the overtones of God, guns and stars and stripes touching on irony or whether the band believe in what they write, especially with tracks like ‘Filth’, ‘Paper Flowers’ and the title track. The debate is this, if these lyrics are delivered through the latter, then it leaves this EP being quite boring and relatively stagnant; if it is the former, then ‘Tears of Gasoline’ is a huge stroke of genius and should be commended as so.

                Fans of classic rock are sure to love this sound, this is an EP for the summer, it is top down music with the stereo on, so dig out those old vinyl, find a long ass highway and let’s ride like it’s 1975.

steeped in a vintage classic hard rock vibe

Come on in!

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