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Kenny McCormick – ‘Alien’

Independent Release
Tool, Tesseract, Animals As Leaders
Release Date
April 9, 2021
Independent Release
Instrumental Progressive Metal

Kenny McCormick (no not that Kenny) is a German guitarist/producer who has presented us with one of the most refreshing instrumental albums I have heard long in a long while.  His fretboard skills are most impressive, but if you are looking for another Petrucci or Vai to put in your collection, this is not for you. While the album is certainly Metal guitar-centric, the other instruments are allowed to shine through as well. McCormick creates an otherworldly soundscape filled with fluid lines, tasty phrasing and soaring melodies. Musically, it is driving, but not overbearing, carrying the listener on their journey. While this journey is cosmic in nature, I submit it can be enjoyed in whatever “space” one deems fit.

Like his previous work, the album is space themed or “Progressive-Alien-Space-Metal” per his own description. I recommend headphones (is there any other way?) to appreciate it all. McCormick is obviously dedicated to his art and it shows.  I would love to see this performed live. With a full band, there is nothing here that cannot be replicated on a stage.

Going out on a limb, I am sure this is not his real name, but the music is very real and very good. As McCormick says, “enjoy the trip on the spaceship.”

Favorite tracks: “Silent Observer” and “Type Omega Minus”

enjoy the trip on the spaceship

Come on in!

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