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Wolfstar – ‘Apotheosis’ EP

Misanthropik Records
Amon Amarth, Mastadon, Manowar
Release Date
May 1, 2021
Misanthropik Records
Heavy Metal

Lexington, Kentucky’s Wolfstar offers five outstanding tracks on their debut EP. They draw from history and fantasy (they converged over Renaissance festivals after all) and the result is magical. Outstanding guitar work is married with an air-tight rhythm section. Vocals are powerful, but not overly refined. Insightful and intelligent lyrics top it all off nicely. The interplay between guitars, the counter melodies, and impassioned delivery make this EP a joy to hear again and again.

There are a few missteps with the guitar and basslines, and a few times when the vocals don’t quite reach the mark. I think it lends to the authenticity. This band and this EP are for real, and I like them a lot.

Standout tracks:

 “Charge to War” is extremely effective and guaranteed to have fists in the air. Shades of Amon Amarth come to mind, but Wolfstar makes it all their own.

“Apotheosis” closes the EP in grand fashion. Another assured crowd pleaser, this song alone is worth the price of admission.

For a first effort, this EP shows incredible promise; I cannot wait to hear what’s next.

A few missteps but it lends to the authenticity. This band and this EP are real

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