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Byrthing – ‘Visage’ EP

Independent Release
Slipknot, Fear Factory, At The Gates
Release Date
March 5, 2021
Independent Release
Melodic Death Metal

Boston, Massachusetts is the home of burgeoning artist BYRTHING. Spearheaded by Devin Ikram, BYRTHING is both abrasive and introspective. The debut EP “Visage” is a concept piece that weaves a troubling tale of enduring the rise and subsequent damage of a self-serving malignant entity. The story is told from the viewpoint of both a narcissist and those upon which his damage is inflicted. It is a story of pain, the loss of oneself, and the inevitable endgame. There are many real-life parallels one could infer; I have certainly made mine. Ikram has spoken at length about how this EP stems from his personal experiences. This makes it even more compelling.

Musically, it is furious and pummeling. It offers guitar and drums tones that are reminiscent of early Skinlab and At The Gates. Nothing particularly new, but in the context of the EP, it is brutal and perfect.

Lyrics are delivered via a rapid-fire clip through a myriad of effects, each accentuating the subject at hand. It is clear Ikram’s experiences have been traumatic. He has transformed them beautifully (or frightfully) into words. They don’t just strike a nerve; they take a dull blade and slowly scrape along the edge.

Listen to the music, read the lyrics, and believe the power of music can get you through anything.

Byrthing take a dull blade and slowly scrape along the edge

Come on in!

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