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Capra – ‘In Transmission’

Metal Blade Records/Blacklight Media Records
Municipal Waste, D.R.I., Iron Reagan, Black Flag
Release Date
April 23, 2021
Metal Blade Records/Blacklight Media Records

Arriving out of Louisiana in a maelstrom of mess and mental debris, Capra was born from seasoned local musicians ready to take on the big leagues back in 2016. That may have been five years ago, but Capra are finally ready to unleash their debut album ‘In Transmission’ upon the world.

                Not everything can always be perfect and for ‘In Transmission’, Capra wear their emotions raw upon their sleeve for all to bear. This open wound plays perfectly into the band’s hands as the listener can feel every ounce of grief, strife and empowerment that vocalist Crow Lotus pours into every dynamic within her voice. What this means is that tracks such as ‘Medusa’, ‘Paper Tongues’ and ‘Red Guillotine’ have all integrity of metal, but with the raw fuck you power of hardcore punk and crossover, appealing directly to fans of Municipal Waste, Black Flag and Iron Reagan and at times pushing towards the scatty alternative garage punk vibes of the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This is all delivered through a production which fully compliments the sound, allowing the album to be in your face without being sterile and cliched.

                Capra have delivered something which is very interesting and surprisingly fresh. It may not have that good-time party feel that a lot of hardcore has, but there is enough empowered self-loathing to force the listener to crank up the volume and thoroughly enjoy what they hear.

Capra wear their emotions raw upon their sleeve for all to bear

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