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Social networking with WITHERED

From its inception, WITHERED has been an outlier, a perplexing charge of extremity which the metal scene has never been able to put its finger on. Now they will release their new full-length, ‘Verloren,’ on June 25 via Season of Mist Underground Activists.

Metal Digest had a chat with the band about metal nerds, social networking and their next set of goals.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

‘We’re definitely a band for metal nerds’ you stated. How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

[Mike] Our hopes are to connect people with the dark places within themselves. To honor and embrace their truths, especially the ones they do not like. Connecting and dwelling within your vast emptiness can offer a somber freedom like no other.

What, in your eyes, makes ‘Verloren’ unique?

[Mike] Verloren covers a lot of ground stylistically. We’ve always enjoyed genre-bending and I think we’ve taken it to significantly new territories for Withered. We pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone as musicians to accomplish the moods we felt needed to be expressed this time.

You always incorporate new elements into your sound. It sounds familiar yet innovative. How do you go about combining your sources of inspiration into one cohesive album?

[Mike] When we decide on a part as the starting point for a song, we explore it from all angles/styles/perspectives. We perform it in every style we can think of and try to get far away from the obvious assumption one might make when they first hear a part. We want to discover everything a riff might have to offer from an emotional perspective.

We trust our gut and find new ways to mix emotions and settle on whatever is most poignant or whatever our hearts crave at the moment. Sometimes, the original/obvious way is the right way.

What part of the creative process do you most enjoy and why?

[Mike] For me, it’s the moment we discover new emotional territory when we’re exploring a part. It gives the song more focus and momentum. It’s sort of like a blurry image slowly coming into focus. For me, it’s typically something that’s distantly familiar like a past life experience but has a newness to me now that shifts how I see/experience existence. Outside of that moment of discovery, my absolute favorite part of all this is when we can recreate it live and communicate with such power to an audience. When it’s just right, it’s quite transcendent.

‘Verloren’ translates to “missing” from German. What do you miss the most from life pre-covid?

[Mike] Hmm, I miss the new experiences and personal connections made when traveling the world. Especially the ones that occur through Withered’s live performances and people who connect with and share those emotional moments with us. I am filled with tremendous gratitude when experience the world’s cultures first hand. Oh, I also miss lobster rolls from Eventide in Portland, Maine. They’re incredible.

Let’s talk about social networking. How do you connect with your audience through these unusual times?

[Mike] I wouldn’t say that we are doing too much different than before. I’m not the best at promoting, haha. We are trying to create more content for this album which has been good. We really only want to play live so we neglect making videos, etc. We just want to look people in the eyes when expressing this music.

Do you find social media useful or distracting?

[Mike] Yes.

Throughout the years, you’ve worked tirelessly to carve your own space in the music industry. Do you have a 5-year-plan and what’s the next set of goals for Withered?

[Mike] We’re not organized enough for a 5-year plan. I think we’re just focused on this new album release and supporting it as much as possible. Hoping that touring can happen again soon and safely. Then we’ll resume writing and hopefully, a new album will materialize in less than 6 years. Hahaha.

Thank you for the wonderful interview.

Until we meet again,


Beau Brandon – Drums
 Dan Caycedo – Vocals, Guitars
 Rafay Nabeel – Bass Guitar
 Mike Thompson – Vocals, Guitar


The album can be pre-ordered HERE

Listen and watch at THIS LOCATION.

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