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The Word66 – ‘On the Way to the Promised Land’ EP

Independent Release
Skillet, Shinedown, Creed, Three Days Grace, Alice In Chains
Release Date
March 26, 2021
Independent Release
Christian Rock

Christian rock can be one of the most maligned genres underneath the rock music umbrella; often scoffed at and mocked, but look within and the listener will find that it’s not always the devil that has the best tunes. The Word66 may only be a few years old, but have now geared up to release their latest EP ‘On the Way to the Promised Land’.

                The Word66 have delivered an enjoyable EP of alternative metal sounds; this means that tracks here soar with a large focus on melody and catchy, memorable chorus’ that are difficult to not sing-a-long after only a short listen. With sounds like this, it does mean that it is easy to name check the likes of Disciple and Stryper, but in reality, this is a modern sound closer to the likes of Shinedown, Skillet and even Saliva and Godsmack with focus on melody and harmonies that would appeal to fans of Alice in Chains, especially with the likes of ‘I Am Free’ and the title track, whilst the bands take on ‘Spirit in the Sky’ is foot tappingly good.

Naturally, there is a focus upon God and Christianity here with ‘On the Way…’ and yes, it can be little overbearing with its message, but there is an infectious positivity that is hard to not take on board and if the listener can go with the flow, they will find something that is a lot of fun.

an infectious positivity

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