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Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2021

This annual event showcases underground heavy music of all types. Although virtual, it was extremely impactful. The lighting, sound, overall production was first-rate. Well done, folks. I was able to “attend” six performances. It was a pretty cool weekend.


This was my first time seeing GOLD, but it assuredly will not be the last. Roadburn commissioned them to play what became “This Shame Should Not Be Mine” in its entirety. The music was hauntingly beautiful, harsh, and mesmerizing, bludgeoning the listener with the weight of a cloud. 

Unphased by the vacant venue, GOLD commanded my full attention. In unison, each member created a perfect soundscape for Milena Eva’s stunning vocals. Eva looked visibly affected at times, no doubt from the songs’ subject matter, the empty room, and possibly the whole state of our world. Only she knows.

If this had been the band’s first and only performance, it would have secured them, at least in my mind as, well -GOLD.

Spill Gold and Of Blood and Mercury

Both acts bring a nice blend of Darkwave, Electronica, and perfectly off-kilter percussion. Spill Gold tended to lean more towards a more playful vibe, while Of Blood and Mercury takes a more brooding, crystal gazing approach. Both offer enchanting female vocals that are perfect for that decompression part of your day.

Wolvennest and The Nest

Wolvennest delivered an amazing set of Doom-laden Blackened Psychedelia. Part performance art, part Metal show, all killer from the first note to the last. In a separate show, they were joined by special guest vocalists, (forming The Nest) each uniquely contributing to the mix. This performance was relentless, crushing, and damn near perfect. I welcome the chance to see them again.


DeWolff was wonderfully out of place here. Blues infused, stripped-down rock with just the right smattering of retro styling, this Dutch trio may have officially stolen the show. Tasty licks for days and extended jams made this band a joy to watch. Highly recommended.

Many thanks to my colleagues at Metal Digest for suggesting this festival.

Two questions: How did I not know about this already?

…and how much for a ticket to the Netherlands?

Craig Obert

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